ABE WARNS Againts Abusive Language On Social Media



Senator representing Rivers South East Senatorial District in the National Assembly, Senator Magnus Ngei Abe has warned against the use of abusive words on the social media.

Abe in a statement issued on the platform of members of the All Progressives Congress (APC) social media platform said such comments would not help the party in anyway.

He said, ” I have read through a lot of comments on this platform and do not consider them helpful. Granted that there are those who feel the Minister of Transportation was wrong and there are equally those who felt that I (Senator Abe) was wrong.

“I appeal to you all to please stop abusing yourselves on this platform. Enough is enough. If the Minister still believes he can save his candidates, he should be allowed to pursue his options in peace,” he said.

Abe who is the leading gubernatorial aspirant of the APC in Rivers state maintained that from the outset, he saw as unnecessary the in-fighting in the party since it was orchestrated by those who wanted to use it as an opportunity to rise while fighting to bring others down.

“I remember that Hon Loolo Ibieneye correctly predicted that the current road on which we (the party) were being led will lead to disaster. And, I believed that that road was wrong ab initio, and I said so, we must continue our quest in peace.”

He queried the role most party members played and their contributions when the party was being derailed.

“Those who are interested in saving the party should quit the blame game and name calling,’ stating, “Let us focus on what we can do to gather ourselves together,” Senator Abe stated.

He admonished party faithfuls in the mist of the current travails of the need for a new mind set to restore confidence and hope in the party, saying, “We must preach and act forgiveness and tolerance.”

“Rightly or wrongly we are in a quagmire before the entire country. It is clear that no one person, not myself nor the Minister have answers, but I am committed to the party. Let us talk constructively and look for ways forward,” Senator Abe stated.

Parry Saroh Benson ANIPR
Spokesperson to Senator Magnus Ngei Abe.


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