Bende Federal Constituency Election 2019 by Prince Uche Festus



Just as Chinua Achebe has rightly posited the greatest problem of Nigeria is leadership. Nigeria in his words seem to have failed in the quest for exemplary leaders who are not just empty vessels.

During the 15/1/2019 the APC candidate for Bende Federal constituency Benjamin Kalu during the course of an interview condemned the free educational infrastructure and learning project of PDP candidate Dr Chima Desmond Anyaso, and also threatened that the school would be closed down.

However, just last weekend the people of Bende and his immediate community has laughed and pointed out his inability to even rehabilitate the depilating structure of his own childhood school even though he has served as Bende Local Government Chairman, SSA to the Governor in MDG’s and international relations and also SA to the Governor on chieftaincy affairs.

To people of Ikwusi his immediate community Benjamin Kalu is just a noise maker because charity begins at home.

For ordinary indigenes like Emmanuel Onyekwere a government primary school teacher

” _Ben is just making noise, our community is just looking at him because he is a disappointment, those stake holders projecting him at Umunna are forcing people to believe in a man that his community doesn’t have a good transformer, he couldn’t rebuild his own childhood school and all of a sudden he has turned miracle worker it’s quite a big joke for the average man from here”._

When asked why Benjamin Kalu is contesting despite his failures and making no impact even in his own community he said
_”Because the people backing him although they know he can’t deliver but are afraid of Chima Desmond Anyaso because he is not bowing to them, however by now Bende people should be wary of their actions cos Abia suffered 8 years of epileptic leadership because of the same mistake they want people to make come February “_ he concluded.

From every indications, this seems to be a story of the will of people against that of the few others with personal vendetta and interest.

Bende Federal Constituency is awake and Chima Desmond Anyaso is the man.



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