Bende Federal Constituency Election: Appraisal And Achievement Of Dr. Chima Desmond Anyaso(The Face Of Bende)… By Prince Uche Festus


There is a popular saying that _”To whom much is given, much is expected”_ Since the 1st Republic in Nigeria, responsibilities have been given to men whose actions and policies have cumulatively shaped the current polity, development and infrastructure of Nigeria. Some of the effects of their actions, decisions have affected the masses who have bequeathed them with the golden opportunity as such to be their leaders. While some have failed others have stimulated success stories.

Dr Chima Desmond Anyaso belongs to the class of eligible leaders who have pioneered success stories from their immediate communities to the national and international circle through selfless contributive actions and decisions.

Dr. Chima Desmond Anyaso who is an indigene of Bende although declaring his interest in politics of a recent is however not a green horn in the facilitating of developmental structures which ranges from grass root Livelihood Empowerment, Basic Education, Community Health Services, Individual tertiary Scholarships, ICT training etc.

It will be imperative to list out some of the structures put in place by Dr. Chima Desmond Anyaso whose overwhelming contributions prior to 2019 was that of a successful entrepreneur who cherish and have his community at heart.


The popular _Pa Anyaso skill acquisition and livelihood center_ is an ultra-modern vocational school that offers trainings in over 15 different skills ranging from industrial welding to fishery, tailoring and textiles, computer, hairdressing, baking etc.
The school since its inception has provided training to several students from Bende who have gone on to deploy the skills they acquired to earn a living. Pa Anyaso skill acquisition and livelihood Center sits on a large expanse of land and has all the necessary equipment for training students.

This establishment corresponds with Dr. Chima Desmond Anyaso’s personal progressive philosophy of teaching people especially youths how to fish and not be given fish. The face of Bende as he is fondly called believes in self dependence and would in most cases prefer to combine tutoring unemployed youths who come to ask him for money in livelihood centers than giving them money only. Anyone who has been close to him can attest to this fact.

Furthermore, Dr. Chima Desmond Anyaso is someone who believes strongly in the philosophy that Education is the strongest tool of liberating people from poverty. Acting on this philosophy, Dr. Chima Desmond Anyaso established a school in his home community to satisfy the hunger for quality education amongst children in Bende. The icing on the cake is that he did not only establish this school but also made it free for everyone and this did not reduce the quality of education obtainable in this school. His love for basic education and children have endeared him to the kids in his school to the extent they see him more like an elder brother than a benefactor.


Dr. Chima Anyaso consciousness for sanitation and hygiene precipitated the digging and installation of bore holes in his community. Also his mini vans are visibly been used in Bende for the transportation of individuals and their food crops frequently.


Dr. Chima Desmond Anyaso who is observant even to the most little details, seeing that most people in the community are farmers and traders and in most cases are beaten by the rain and sun as the hustle to cater for their families provided and refurbished resting shelters randomly in Bende to help his people.

Gospel and Worship

Indeed Dr. Chima Desmond Anyaso due to his love for God and belief in putting God first has severally organized Christian worship activities in Bende which has helped the people of Bende to be close to God. Just recently he gifted a brand new car to a Pastor for the speed spreading of God’s work.


In sports Dr. Chima Desmond Anyaso the PDP candidate for Bende Federal constituency has funded many grass root Sports activities in football, volley ball and Marathon. He has also countlessly given out private Scholarships to youths in tertiary institutions in the country.

All this achievements, most notably were done as a private individual. However, little can be said about his contemporaries and opposition, who despite being in politics for close to a decade have failed woefully in developing his immediate communities.

The APC candidate Ben Kalu who has occupied public offices twice as TC Chairman, 1 time as Bende LGA Chairman and SA to Governor has been under immense ridicule because he cannot boast of any development project even in his own village. There is definitely no worthy comparison between the two as Chima Desmond Anyaso achievements has eclipsed Ben Kalu who is poorly known as a bag carrier for other politicians.

The indigenes, youths and elders of Bende have drummed up support for Dr. Chima Desmond Anyaso and come February 16th will troupe out in their numbers to vote him.


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