Be Wary Of APC’s ‘Next Level’ Mantra, Rivers PDP Chairman, Obuah Appeals To Rivers People


As the countdown to the general elections begins, the Rivers State Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Bro. Felix Obuah has again called on the people of the State to reject the All Progressives Congress (APC) and its ‘Next Level’ campaign mantra, as Nigerians have suffered enough hardship and hunger under its leadership.

Bro. Obuah in a statement urged the good people of the State to reject the APC like cancer as it is evident that the party does not mean well for the State.

He said the PDP is however vindicated that the fraudulent ‘Next Level’ mantra was dead on arrival having been rejected by Nigerians in all its ramifications.

The PDP Chairman reminded people of the State that in 2015, APC came up with a deceptive ‘Change’ mantra which gave a false impression that things would change for the better.

He said rather than things change for the better as promised by the APC, millions of Nigerians were sent to their early graves arising from insecurity, lack of basic amenities, hunger, diseases and strangulation in all sectors of the economy.

“APC has again promised to take Nigerians to the ‘next level’, suggesting a ‘higher’ realm of sufferings, disobedience to rule of law, intimidation, harassment, maladministration, etc.

“Sadly, what it connotes is that APC is saying that the cost of fuel would go higher, exchange rate would go higher, poverty would go higher, failed businesses would go higher and unemployment would increase”, Bro. Obuah lamented.

The Rivers PDP boss noted that the new promise of ‘Next Level’ by the APC clearly means that people of the State will be sent to higher levels of hardship, pains, hunger, bad economy, increase in exchange rates, insecurity, lack of food and increase in prices of petroleum products, amongst others.



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