PAID The Cost For Victory- CHIMA Anyaso’s Journey To The Green Chamber



Bende is Big and vast and a very complex demography to communicate with politically. It’s complexities poses a challenge for politicians and the lack of understanding of the peculiarities of Bende has been the undoing of some politicians who have become serial contenders and they keep losing.

There are 13 wards in Bende, 107 Autonomous communities and 197 polling units. Running an effective campaign in Bende is as difficult as running a campaign in a geo political zone. The diversity presents a subtle, almost invisible communication difficulties that can easily be overlooked by politicians to their own peril, and we know just one man who has continued to make that mistake and has continued to lose elections for the past 16 years and poised to lose again.

But something is really interesting; the detailed grassroots campaign that Chima Anyaso Organization ran.
Visiting traversing all books and crannies of Bende and consulting with the strongest political leaders, opinion molders and traditional leaders in the constituency. Dr Anyaso in the cause of his campaign visited at lease 89 locations, entering every hut, climbing every hill and shaking the very hands that vote in the elections.

His knack for details and his accessibility endeared him to every single voter that had a direct contact with him.
The acceptance, the smile, the cheers and brief dances all counts when victory is your goal. For a young wealthy and influential guy Dr Anyaso has indeed shown people that money is not the source of pride. His ability to relate and communicate has put him in front and Anyaso definitely knows what to say to convince every single voter he comes across with.
Tomorrow is a done deal and his opponents know this.
The young man has run the most detailed and effective grassroots campaign ever seen in Bende and he will win with a margin never before seen in Bende.


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