Ottti/Ogah Rumored Alliance: Futility & Killer Of Political Career By Ngwa Okereke


It is widely and strongly rumored that the Candidates of All Progressives Grand Alliance ( APGA ) and All Progressives Congress ( APC )- Dr Alex Otti and Dr Uche Ogah respectively are holding secret meetings for the purpose of forming alliance to kick out the incumbent Governor- Elder Okezie Victor Ikpeazu, Ph.D in the forthcoming March 9 Gubernatorial Election in Abia State. Whether this rumor is true or not, election must hold on March 9, 2019.

Alliance is a political strategy employed when two or more candidates of various political parties feel that assembling their supporters to adopt ONE CANDIDATE from among themselves is the only means to overcome a certain opponent with an intimidating and overwhelming population. It invariably signifies that the candidates lack the capacity to independently prosecute their various political objectives. It is clear manifestation of fear and doubt on capacity to win an election without merger and/or alliance.

It is not in every circumstance that alliance yields positive result. Discrete investigations must be conducted and proper calculations/political permutations made before resorting to the strategy. In the instant case, alliance will not only fail the duo but will equally give their respective political careers a befitting funeral.

Abia State is strategically and Constitutionally divided into three (3) Senatorial Districts, hence, Abia North, Abia Central and Abia South. As a matter of truth, Dr Uche Ogah and Dr Alex Otti are biological and illustrious sons of Abia North. They all command great respect in their District- old Bende. Interestingly, their brother from the same Zone- Orji Uzo Kalu had governed this State for 8 years. If they form alliance against the incumbent Governor, it means they are pressing to steal the 2nd tenure right of another Zone. Their calculations and permutations will only work for them in their stronghold as the entire Ukwa/Ngwa bloc have resolved to queue behind their son- Elder Okezie Victor Ikpeazu, Ph.D.

Alliance will rekindle the Ukwa/Ngwa spirit to understand that the game is beyond politics. It will reveal the spirit of desperation for power in the people of old Bende. It will even unite Ukwa/Ngwa the more, knowing that the Abia North alliance is a strategy employed to deprive the entire Ukwa/Ngwa their constitutional right. It will promote political oriented tribal war to the advantage of Ukwa/Ngwa Nation. It shows incompetence on the part of the candidates. Alliance will therefore amount to an exercise in futility.

Assuming the strong rumor turns to be true, it is the worst decision the candidates can take in this political business. What will Dr Alex Otti tell APGA supporters that have been wth him since 2015 till date? Are we really sure that Dr Alex Otti is such a man that can swallow his ego to give up at this die minute? Otti does not look that cheap. On the other hand, what will Dr Uche Ogah tell OUK let alone Adams Oshiomole and President Buhari? What will be his excuse? That he is bankrupt or what? If he dares give up at this die minute, he will be seen as the most unserious person in this business. Alliance at this stage will undoubtedly destroy their political careers, reduce them to nothing before their supporters and frustrate them into the world of silence.

The truth is that ego will not pave way for the strategy. Let it just remain a rumor.
And with or without alliance, Ikpeazu is highly favored. Whereas alliance will rekindle the Ukwa/Ngwa spirit, unite Ukwa/Ngwa Nation to stand against the pride of cabals of old Bende, fighting the course separately will equally be counterproductive as their votes will badly be divided and shared by all the candidates. It is Elder Okezie Victor Ikpeazu’s time. No weapon fashioned against him either by alliance or no alliance shall prosper.

Vote Okezie Ikpeazu Again!!!


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