IKPEAZU Can’t REVOKE Your Properties -Osibanjo tells Aba residents


The Vice President of Nigeria, Prof. Yemi OSIBANJO today in a visit to Abians and a town hall meeting told the good people of Aba not to be afraid of coming out to cast their votes on Saturday for Dr. Uche Ogah as the threats issued by the PDP to revoke their properties are just mere and empty.

“I want to tell you Abians that I have always been pained by the dilapidated state of this supposed great town, Aba. Abia is long overdue to be at the center. It will pay you more to join the ruling party than the opposition that has never benefited you. What has PDP done for you in the past 20yrs?”

He poured out his heart to Abians when he told them the need to make sure the key into an APC Governor, as the SME’s will receive more attention than what we have on ground today.

“I learnt that the governor and PDP government of the State are threatening the good people of Aba of revoking their properties if they vote Dr. Uche Ogah, one thing is certain, that’s an empty threat, he has no such power and can not do that. You should go and vote APC overwhelmingly, you are save”.

When he was confronted with the question by one of the Aba residents on the rumor of endorsement of Ikpeazu by him and the APC National. The Vice President laughed,

“Your Governor has tried approaching us to deliver him, with the sentiments of equity, but truth is that, he has been told several times that the Presidency can not help you because we have a sound candidate and also have reports that you have performed so badly, if you had done well in your first term, you wouldn’t be talking about equity.”

The coast is clear! Abians shouldn’t worry about the cheap threats and blackmails. On the propaganda taking too far about the cattle colony. The VP said;

“I am a born again Christian and the President is a muslim, but he has never been a religious bigot and will never coerce anybody into converting to Islam. Dr. Ogah has never talked about IPOB or cattle colony in any of his visits to the Presidential Villa. There is no such letter in our table. The rumor is wicked, false and being peddled by people who already know that they have been defeated.”
He concluded!


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