Rivers PDP Chairman, Felix Obuah Describes APC Protest As Coup Against Constituted Authority


The Rivers State Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Bro Felix Obuah says the Monday protest by the deceived infinitesimal members of a faction All Progressives Congress, APC, is a coup against a constituted authority aimed at causing breach of the law and order in the State.

Bro Obuah in a statement through his Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Jerry Needam said the protest was rather a gathering of war mongers at the instance of the Transportation Minister, Chibuike Amaechi to resharpen his arsenals and instruments of war for the March 9th, Gov’ship and State Assembly elections in the State.

The State PDP Chairman noted that the purported protest from the beginning to the end was fraught with beating of war drums and issuance of threats of bloodletting similar to the ones preceding the Presidential and National Assembly elections which equally resulted in the killings of innocent Rivers people in the State.

Bro Obuah regretted that all these threats and incitements were being dished out before security agencies who have turned their eyes away while evil was being perpetuated against the very people they are employed to protest.

Arguing that enough means and outlets have been provided in the electoral law to vote for any candidate of one’s choice or against any candidate, Bro Obuah said to gather miscreants and political thugs to incite them against a sitting Governor is not only undemocratic, but criminal and evil, and is actional per se.

And for some people to allow themselves to continue to be used by a feudal lord that has no regard for the lives of his people nor regret for those he caused their blood to be wasted is to say the least, foolishness and self dehumanization, the State PDP boss declared.

He recalled similar threats and war songs before the Presidential and National Assembly elections by the like of Tonye Princewill, promising to be ‘lawless’ if the APC was excluded from the polls which came to pass, stressing that in like manner, another APC member, Azubuike Wanjoku has also threatened fire and brimstone during the March 9, Gov’ship and State Houses of Assembly elections and the security agencies have bluntly refused to nip the imminent mayhem in the bud.

Bro Obuah reminded the security agencies that their service is to the people and not to a few who have arrogated to themselves the status of an institution, saying service to any other than the mass of Rivers citizens and Nigerians in general is a betrayal of trust and disservice to the citizenry.



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