Uma Ukpai Rededicates Arochukwu Land To God


World Evangelist and President of the Uma Ukpai Evangelistic Outreach Rev Dr Uma Ukpai on Friday rededicated the Ancient Land of Arochukwu to God and prayed for the healing of the Land.

Papa Uma who was Speaking on Friday Night during the 2019 ARO GOSPEL INVASION Crusade with the Theme”TOTAL FREEDOM which began on Wednesday 20th March said he every Son and Daughter of the Land of Arochukwu should be worried over the state of Roads in the Land.

The Man of God said the healing of the Land of Arochukwu began 8years ago but the Traditional Leaders had not shown commitment to the plight of their land not until Yesterday during the crusade organised by Arochukwu Christian Brethren Association.

The Eze Ogo’s from the 19 Villages that make up Arochukwu attended the Crusade and openly Confessed their Sins to God and prayed Dr Uma Ukpai ”God’s General” to intercede on-behalf of Arochukwu Land.

After their Confession,Rev DR Uma Ukpai Invoked Gods Blessings Upon the Land of Arochukwu,declared that begining from Friday 22nd March 2019,there shall be no barren in the Land of Arochukwu,the man of God said the Roads in Arochukwu shall be Constructed and the people shall be fruitful on everyside.



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