BREAKING: Supreme Court Strikes Out APC,Tonye Cole Appeal

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The Supreme Court on Thursday 11th April struck out the Appeals by the All Progressive Congress in Rivers State and its sacked 2019 Governorship aspirant Mr Tonye Cole.

The Court described the Appeal as an act of Stupidity.

”This appeal is grossly and monstrously incompetent. If stupidity is ever elavated to this level, it will be righteously resisted and vanquished. This appeal lacks merit and is hereby struck out’!

The Court ruled that the Appeal was an academic exercise

”Not only is this appeal an appalling academic exercise, it’s strewn with embarrassing and ridiculous mistakes and we are shocked and surprised that carelessness could be advertised at this level. This appeal is hereby struck out. Lazarus cannot be resurrected” The Court Ruled

On the Second Appeal  APC Vs Magnus Abe the Supreme Court struck out the case after the APC Lawyers pleaded to withdraw it.

”My Noble Lords, I humbly seek to withdraw this appeal. I have come to the conclusion that we can’t pluck an empty coconut and rejoice at the prospect of drawing juice. That will be an effort in grief”..

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