Abia Speakership: A Second Look at Hon Engr Chinedum Orji (IKUKU ABIA)

Hon Chinedum Orji in a Handshake with Governor Okezie Ikpeazu
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By Arc. Joseph Onuigbo
Recently, some disgruntled elements came up with one of the most flippant, shadow and freakish blackmail efforts targeted at denigrating and discrediting the high flying law maker and Majority Leader of the Abia State House of Assembly, Hon. Chinedum Enyinnaya Orji ( Ikuku Abia).
The team infused fear in the people by alleging that Hon. Orji would impeach the Governor if he becomes the Speaker of the House. The reason behind the accusation is what one cannot explain except that the initiator of the campaign of calumny is seeking to achieve sympathy and cheap popularity. He is just like a drowning man, struggling to be saved by anything including the rootsless grass on the shore. The reports are not just baseless but loathsome mendacities and traitorous falsehood that should be jettisoned and treated as mere bear palour gossip. Infact the stories they carry around exist only in their thoughts and unholy imaginations of their paymasters.
Unfortunately to them, they came up with the lame and faulty suspicion that cannot hold water. This is because Abia people know the person and humble disposition of the Majority Leader, Hon. Orji. Hence, their intentions, plans and ideas are dead on arrival and can never resurrect. They should have found a more intellectually and politically sound arguments to present against the man they are fighting. Of course, they cannot find any, because Hon. Orji is very much on ground and is accepted by his colleagues. It is obvious that members of the House and even the incoming ones have unwavering confidence in him and would vote him in as their Speaker by next month during the inauguration of the 7th House.
They simply do not understand the fundamentals of attracting or wooing people or colleagues to oneself through good character and healthy political strategies. This may be why they are still wandering in political darkness without knowing that this is political day break. They are advised that the best approach to becoming a principal officer or gaining colleagues to one’s side in a legislative house is by reaching out and lobbying among the members. And if it comes to that, the members themselves know that Ikuku is the man to beat in Speakership position.
It is surprising to see these people expressing unnecessary fears about Hon. Orji. Honestly, this fears were initiated to discombobulate the masses and make them see this intelligent and easy going law maker as a man with bad intentions, whereas it is not. People are therefore encouraged to see these allegations as imaginary and hoax
and should be discountenanced. Also the issue of Old Bende and Old Aba Divisions should be thrown into the dustbin.
The childish outpour is regrettably unfortunate. Well, one may not blame them much because like drowning men, they need to fashion a way to save themselves from obvious fact that Hon. Orji’s interest in the Speakership would send them to political boys’ quarters in the House of Assembly.
It is noteworthy that the man, Hon. Chinedum Orji (Ikuku) and his colleagues in the House are more than poised to work with the State Governor, Dr. Okezie Victor Ikpeazu and members of his executive to bring about good governance in the State. Yes, together they will take Abia to amiable destination!
All hail the incoming Speaker of the 7th Abia Assembly!
Arc Joseph Onuigbo wrote from Umuahia.

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