The Ngwas Are Known To Be Thankful and Greatful

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By Evergreen Stanley

It is very easy for many of us to forget where we are coming from and to forget what it was like when the chips were down with no where to turn. For many of us, it is very easy to forget our benefactors and those who made the most impact on us in those trying times.

We forget those who had to forgo a lot of things to accommodate our needs and make us feel loved and welcome. Now that we are in our comfort zone it doesn’t matter any more those people who helped us arrive at this destination.

This is absolutely not the way to act towards anybody who has loved you enough to care for you and share your burdens. When you do this you are biting fingers that fed you.

SIR DAVID CHIDI EZINDU you once the Elected Deputy Chairman of Isi-Alangwa South during the tenure of the man you criticize today. You should be grateful. The same love and hand of fellowship were extended to the man that paid for your radio program today, your paymaster BARR. CHIKWENDU KALU who grace and favor found him to be the Present Speaker of the Abia State House of Assembly. From your words ”The Speakership of Abia State House of Assembly have been sent to ochanga market, it’s has been taken to cleaners, social media, writing news talk and so on” just like you did today.

The Speaker is elected in the very first meeting of the State Assembly. The Speaker is chosen from amongst the members of the Elected State House of Assembly, by convention a member of the ruling party. It’s zone to Abia Central and It’s at the alter and the prerogative of Assembly Members to choose who will be the speaker not by any of us.

In two weeks time, a new speaker will emerge.


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