An Open Letter To Eze Chikamnayo by Toby Egeonu



I am a PDP faithful and as such a supporter and fan of the government of the day in ABIA state. Though Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu or the immediate past Governor, Senator T. A Orji and Engr Chinedu Orji, the speaker of the House of Assembly, may not know me, but it’s duty-bound on me to protect the good name they built for themselves. Afterall, we must pray for our leaders according to BIBLE injunction.

As an Abian with good concience, I get pissed when I read your various missleading articles which have always attacked the government simply because you lost out of favour with the powers. Having followed your write-ups in all social media, I can boldly say that, though very intelligent, you have lost political value and as such has been sent to the political dungeon.

I’m compelled to writting this open letter to you due to the fact that you have frustratingly begun Macabre Dance to smear the reputations of our dear governor Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu, former governor Sen. Theodore Ahamefula Orji, the Speaker of the Abia State House of Assembly Rt Hon. Engr. Chinedum Orji (ikuku). I would not have wasted my data and time writting to you but for fear of your bad influence on innocent unsuspecting citizens. You are such a subtle creature that can decieve even the very elect. You are a can of deception and fallacies, ungrateful and insatiable.

If those opinions had come from reasonable critics, responsible people in the state may give it a breath. But coming from one who has lost political relevance, no man in his right sense should listen to you.

Former Governor Orji Uzor Kalu appointed you commissioner for special duties duties in the year in 1999 and later in 2000 Commissioner for Information, Culture and Tourism. Under your ministry, you squandered the money meant for UGWU ABIA cultural festival and got yourself sacked by the governor who also declared you wanted through the Nigeria Police. Till date, you are yet to give proper account of the program. Then you started using your pen against OUK, going to all media houses (print and electronic). Former governor T.A Orji later appointed you having thought you were vibrant to work with, but again, you became headstrong. When T.A relieved you of your appointment, he entered your blacklist. You wrote the hell against him, but the powers called you and negotiated you into another appointment to shut you up from distracting the government. When again you turned a cog in the wheel, they booted you out a second time. Governor Okezie Victor Ikpeazu came on board and you lurked around, claiming he was your personal friend until he benevolently gave you another appointment as SA political affairs. Four-time commissioner since 1999, yet nothing to show for it. What have you not eaten in the government, even the ones you stole and used to confisicate people’s hectres of land in your Umuada village? You are a political prostitute, jumping from one party to another. Of course, no body in UMUNNEOCHI today can tell which party you belong to. You are AD, ACN, PPA, PDP, SDP/APC, don’t you get tired? Are you not smart enough to know that people have decifered your antics? Why do you continue to use your out-dated style? -deception, falsehood, blackmail, threat, defamation and lure.
in the build up to the last general election, you purchased Nomination and Expression of Interest forms to vie for the seat of Umunneochi State Constituency in the State House of Assembly under the platform of PDP. Your address to the press after purchasing the form could be reproduced anyday, thus, “the PDP has continued to offer quality leadership in the country…” After losing the primary election, you jumped to SDP to pursue an ambition that was stillbirth. After losing the general election woefully, scoring a paltry 48 votes behind the third candidate that scored over 3000 votes, you hungryly jumped to APC where you settled for Media Adviser to Nkeiruka Onyejiocha of APC and lead the media campaign of her Speakership ambition to some media houses like Channels TV. You were all over the social media too for same hungry job. I suppose you should know that you cannot win any elective post, having lost the remainder of your electoral valve in the last election. Should I remind you the many countless times you struggled to enter IKUKU’s house in Umuahia before the last PDP primaries, begging him to help you with the ticket. And now, you are here talking nonesense against him. Mind yourself Mr. Lawyer.

Wait! Did I forget to salute your writing prowess? Please pardon my oversight. You are good in writting and speaking, I give it to you. Had I been you (but I will be myself), I would sink into private life at this moment of your irrelevance, instead of writting trash and thus exposing your weakness. If you like write against Trump or any other big political office holder, just for them to invite you and settle you. It won’t work again, your charm has reached it’s expiry date, maybe you need to energize it.

If Governor Ikpeazu or Ikuku calls you now and gives you appointment, your criticism will turn to praises. You have constantly and flagrantly accused the government of the day, yet you were so reluctant to concede that you were part of whatever mess you are crying against since 1999. In one of your usual cleverly antics, you vowed to expose those behind the under-development of ABIA including yourself. I was partly happy that you admitted being part of the problem, but i I became sad when you added that you want to be part of the solution. Well, that you agreed to the offence, does not make you free from the punishment you deserve. Already your verdict has been pronounced before the last general election, when you were committed to the political sepulcar, never to resurrect again. Luis Falaskan stated that America, being a nation built on blood doesn’t have the moral right to demand justice from any country. The same is applicable to you who in your characteristic impunity contributed the disfunctionality of certain areas of the state. You have no moral justification to demand accountability from this government. We in umunneochi are not upset about your deception however, we are upset that there will always be doubts cast on everything you say or do. We mourn your untimely extinction from political front, at least for always entertaining people with sweet-coated tongue. Your popularity has dwindled as was evident in the result of last election. Instead of hide in shame, you are at it again seeking cheap notice from the corridor of powers. This your stock-in-trade cannot work this time round. It worked for when your charms were still active. You are using these lies over and over because you don’t respect us enough to be honest, and you think we are all stupid to not know that your time is up. Suffice to say that, It is not your deception that bothers me who before took you serious, it’s your insults on our collective intelligence that I find very offensive.

Hon. Toby Chuks Egeonu Wrote from Umunneochi


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