Message To The Chieftains And Members Of APC, Concerning The Crisis In APC Edo State

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I greet you Sirs/Mas.

I’m writing this with utmost sincerity, love and goodwill and from the depth of my heart.
Concerning the rumblings and wars in your party, the neutral, non partisan Edo people like me, have gotten tired and desirous of an end to it all, for the greater good of everybody.

I want to give these few thoughtful advises:

(1) All the parties involved in the crisis, should come down from their high horses and “bite the humble pie”, for humility does not kill and will not take anything away from them. Whatever issues there are, I believe they all can be resolved by negotiation and compromise – yes, compromise! Each party cannot fully have it’s way, they all have to shift grounds and give up 1 thing or another and make compromise, for the sake of peace and in order to move forward.

(2) The warring parties should ignore the people that are taking sides with them and urging them on and should listen to the neutral ones who are advising them for the good and progress of the state.

(3) Party leaders that were sidelined ever since, should be pacified and reunited with others as 1 political entity – that’s how it’s supposed to be!, because it was 1 party that won the governorship election then and not 2 (in Nigeria, it can never be 2!).

(4) The Governor can allocate a certain agreed percentage of contracts and appointments to other interests and people in the party. That is EXCELLENT LEADERSHIP and magnanimity (and magnanimity does not kill!!).

(5) For those that have upcoming political ambitions, well, it is not wrong to have political ambition, but they should be told to go about it peacefully and with decorum.

(6) Finally, in some situations in which there’s tussle over choice, they can settle that by going for a neutral person. For example, the issue of Speakership of Edo State House of Assembly, since “Oga 1” wants Victor Edoror and “Oga 2” wants Frank Okiye (who incidentally, is the person representing me in the house of assembly – that is Esan North East 1), why not they go for a neutral choice – Emma Okoduwa? Though I don’t know him in person, but I’m aware that he’s fully qualified too – a pharmacist, he’s a ranking member, and was in the house before, in 2007 (he succeeded former Speaker, Friday Itulah), and also from Esanland like Okiye. This choice could be needful for peace and common sense.

To conclude, let me give you all, these 2 drops of wisdom:

(1) It is totally unnecessary and unwise, to take part in any battle that can be prevented or resolved by negotiation.

(2) Sometimes, battles are better avoided, because nobody knows:
•Where the battle will lead to,
•What it will result in (like catastrophe, etc),
•Who it will consume, and
•When it will end (some battles actually become eternal battles).

My sincere prayer for you all is that, all the issues and quarrel among you guys should be resolved peacefully, and importantly, I hope everybody will take his rightful place and authority, without anyone trying to manipulate another. Nobody has monopoly over power, power belongs to God. I pray that it ends well for you all.
God bless you all.

– Message from Emma Ebare

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