BBNaija Reunion: Omashola apologises to Mercy for calling her prostitute

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On Wednesday night Drama ensued on during the BBNaija Reunion show.

It started when Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, BBNaija official host asked Omashola why he called Mercy names during his conversation with Seyi.

In response Omashola said he was angry on that particular day and unintentionally called Mercy a prostitute.

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This did not go down well with Mercy as she flared up and got into an argument with Omashola.

After some minutes of exchanging harsh words, Omashola apologized to Mercy and begged her fans on national Tv.

He said: “I regret calling Mercy a prostitute and other names on the show.

“I was angry and said a lot of bullshit. That was why I called Mercy names while in the show.

“Forget my shout Mercy, I apologize for calling you a prostitute.”






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