June 12: You’ll run for third term to fulfil your promises – Afenifere mocks Buhari

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Asked if Buhari has failed in the past years, Odumakin said: “Well, Buhari already answered your question in his speech today which was full of promises of what he would do about the economy and so on.

“If you are making promises after five years when you have practically one year left in office because the remaining two years will be about the next election, so I don’t need to appraise this government.

“No need to start appraising this government. Buhari himself knows he has not done well. He was only making promises after all the years in office. Buhari is still campaigning after years in office.

“If a man has been in office for five years and all he is doing is to make promises in the area of corruption, insecurity, when will he work? Except Buhari is thinking of running for a third term to carry out his promises.”

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