Donatus Okorie: When Experience meets Wisdom

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The nomination of Mazi DONATUS OKORIE as a Commissioner by His Excellency, Dr. Okezie ikpeazu, the Executive Governor of Abia state has received mixed reactions from different segments of the state society. That is expected in a constitutional democracy such as ours. The free ventilation of opinion in a pluralistic society is what makes democracy beautiful. But impugning the character of someone suggests ulterior motives especially when it has been established that the person in question has served his state meritoriously without any blemish whatsoever.

Those who have derisively described Mazi DONATUS OKORIE as a papa need to ask God for forgiveness so that they too will enjoy longevity in good health. Just because Mazi DONATUS OKORIE has been a former Secretary to State Government does not make him a Methuselah. He is neither senile nor physically impaired. If anything, his cerebral fecundity, intellectual robustness, and repertoire of knowledge and experience are what he is bringing to the table as a Commissioner in the kinetic administration of Governor Okezie ikpeazu.

At 65,( this is verifiable), Mazi DONATUS OKORIE is relatively young and would no way be weighed down by that office. There are several instances both in Abia state and Nigeria where people even older than him have served or still serving in similar capacities and higher ones. So it is wrong for people to ignorantly conclude that the man is a Papa and therefore cannot serve his state again.

Globally, we have top people who are even more than 70 years serving their countries as Presidents and Prime Ministers and Congressmen and women. The American President, Joe Biden is two years shy of 80. They have been making worthy contributions to the growth of their countries. So it is mischievous for anyone to deride the appointment of Mazi DONATUS OKORIE on account of age.

However, it is exhilarating that the man who made the appointment, His Excellency Dr. Okezie ikpeazu is well aware of the sterling qualities of Mazi DONATUS OKORIE. Similarly, the State House of Assembly led by the charismatic and ebullient Speaker, Rt Hon Engr Chinedum Orji knows the political worth of this particular nominee from Isu, in Arochukwu LGA of the state.

Indeed it is significant that the new cabinet being impanelled by the governor is made up of people of various ages and backgrounds. We have the young and the not too young. We have technocrats and we have politicians. They will complement one another. And that is what a kinetic administration such as that of His Excellency needs at this time. He especially needs those with the experience of Mazi DONATUS OKORIE to ensure that the boat of his administration sails safely to the shore ahead of 2023.

Mazi DONATUS OKORIE has been a loyal PDP man since 1998. He has worked very hard for the victory of the party in every election. PDP has consistently won his ward. And he is a leader who commands respect and followership in his area of influence. The fact that he is not loquacious and not given to grandstanding makes him the right choice for the office of Commissioner. Above all, the people of Arochukwu LGA are happy with his choice. They are grateful to His Excellency, Governor Okezie ikpeazu for appointing Mazi DONATUS OKORIE as a Commissioner.

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