Ukraine President reacts to UN email advising staff not to call Russian invasion war

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Volodymyr Zelensky, Ukrainian President has reacted to an internal United Nations email advising staff not to refer to the Russian invasion of Ukraine as a “war.”

Zelensky said he knows that Ukrainians and others who are not in support of what is going on in Ukraine were angered by the said email.

Meanwhile the UN in New York rejected the said email in a Tuesday news briefing.

Stephan Dujarric, the UN spokesperson, said that an unnamed regional office should not have issued a memo warning staff to not use the words “war” or “invasion”.

According to the spokesperson, there are no official instructions on which word to use in describing the situation in Ukraine.

Ukraine President, Zelensky said via a Telegram on Tuesday, “You may have seen in the news today the story that the United Nations allegedly does not consider the Russian invasion a war. I know this outraged many, and not only in Ukraine.”

“I am grateful to our team. We made everything clear and quickly received assurances: there will be no lies in the UN structures.

“There will be no playing along with the aggressor. The word “war” will be heard on this site. Because that is the truth. We will not allow anyone in the world to ignore the suffering and murder of our people, our children,” he added.

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