The beauty of patience By Cosmos Ndukwe


In the last few days, I have had need to engage my mind in deep reflections on unfolding political activities in our dear State. Naturally, I do not pay more than a passive attention to speculations or hearsay evidence. However, in the absence of a direct evidence, it is appropriate to rely on prevailing circumstances.
I do know that the most remarkable virtue at the kitty of a successful politician is PATIENCE. Put differently, any politician who wishes to succeed must court the virtue of patience or be tagged by electorate; political journeyman, political prostitute, political chameleon, political jumpology, just to mention but few.

While everybody celebrates Ahmed Bola Tinubu today for his overwhelming political success, patience stands out as his innermost secret. In between his rise to stardom, he managed challenges that were suffocating too. His long patience encouraged him to tolerate those whose conduct did not meet his expectations.

If you are in doubt, assess his relationship with Fashola between 2011 and 2015. Tinubu drew his strength from the people, the voters and the electorate. Their reactions naturally guided his decisions. He did not overreach himself or overvalued his political strength. He did not think that excellence in buying caterpillars and grading of roads, must metamorphose into utopian popularity.

Back to Abia. I am worried that some of my friends and political associates are truncating the rite of patience. As potentially rewarding as their decisions may be, it may not be politically expedient to do so at this time. I draw my inspiration from the modus operandi from those we adjudge successful.

History does not repeat itself, man does. A stitch in time saves nine.

Cosmos Ndukwe Ph.D is the Deputy Speaker of the Abia State House of Assembly


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