My Thoughts On Rumored Implosion on Abia PDP By Don Ubani


Except one is principled, determined and courageous, one would find it very herculean, if not impossible, being actively involved in the politics of this clime.
The reason is not far-fetched. Pretence and sycophancy are two essential ingredients required for success and its sustainability in Nigerian politics.
To think otherwise is like one hitting one’s head against a brick wall.
Go to any Government House or Local Government Council, the point I am making here would quickly be made manifest.
The persons who surround either the Governor or the Chairman are those who have conditioned themselves saying only those things their boss would like to hear, even when they know beyond any doubt that such narratives would only mislead their Principal.
For those of us who are frankly blunt in saying the truth, we are perceived as radicals who try to swim against the tide.
Hardly in our political circumstances do we see individuals coming up with opinions that could save derailing situations but which may differ from what our Chief Executive Officers would be glad to hear.
Even Elders in our midst hardly summon necessary courage to tell our leaders the simple truth.
It does appear every one, even the ones we think are big men, is plagued with poverty mentality. That is, let me not say so that the little thing I receive would not be stopped.
The question remains, who will bell the cat?
In October 1998, twenty-one political leaders in Abia State, after several trips to Abuja, assembled, as Conveners, at Seabia Hotel, Umuahia to convene the Peoples’ Democratic Party. That was on the 4th.

After the meeting at Seabia that morning, another meeting was held in the afternoon at Nwannedinamba Hall. I still remember, I was the Moderator of that meeting.
Majority of new comers and, ironically, beneficiaries in PDP do not like hearing any thing relative to the history of PDP in Abia State.

Yours sincerely was one of the twenty-one Conveners of PDP in Abia State. Thank God, Chief Elechi Ikoro of Item still has the list of the Conveners.

I am very passionate about PDP and, so, when I perceive any sign(s) that, out of experience, I think could harm the Party, I would always speak out.
I am sure if politicians and aides who were close to former President Goodluck Jonathan had been frankly bold enough to advise him against printing only one presidential form and, by so doing, making himself the sole presidential candidate of the Party in 2015, the situation the Party is facing today would have been different.
At worst, Jonathan would have lost the primary election but PDP could still have won the presidential election.
The Abia political climate has, of late, been saturated with rumours of mass defection from PDP to APC.
In 2013, the speculation that many top wigs of PDP were planning to decamp to APC was visibly in the air.
Out of a combination of arrogance and lack of political sagacity, that rumour was dismissed with a wave of the hand.
The end result was abysmal failure of the Party at the 2015 general election. We are still nursing our wounds.

Since the conduct of December 2016 local government council elections in Abia State, the Party has not been the same.
Many aspirants, who spent their hard earned money, in a terribly depressed economy, feel they were short changed in the primary elections conducted by the Party.
Having been convinced that the process was any thing but transparent, they have not been happy with the Party.

A good number still believe that PDP has not done away with the leprosy of impunity that we avoidably ruined ourselves with in 2015.
Between now and 11th of November this year, 11-11, a very strategic date for that matter, when it is speculated many members of PDP in Abia State, including about four Members of the House of Representatives, would dump our Party for APC, I humbly but vehemently suggest that a careful, honest, strong and effective reconciliation mechanism be put in place to, at least, reduce the number.

Again and more importantly, while efforts are geared to woo new members to the Party, honest efforts should also be made to make those who are still in the Party to be comfortable and happy.
A situation where members of a ruling Party in a state would, at best, be suffering and smiling in squalor and abject penury while very few close to the helmsman will be swimming in flagrant ostatention; buying the best of latest SUV cars, building hostels and lodges around university campuses and spending fortunes lecherously can never guarantee a peaceful and sustainable political environment.

We can still do something, not minding what sycophants would say.

Don Ubani is the Publicity Secretary of Abia PDP


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