SHOCKER: Paul Emeka Paid N3.5m For 3rd Fake Professorial Title -Udeze Reveals


This is not the best of time for Rev Paul Emeka,a Former General Superintendent of Assemblies Of God Nigeria as his Ex-Man Friday Rev Nathan Udeze has revealed that Emeka bought the 3rd Fake Professorial Title for N3.5Million from University of California.

The Revelation is contained in series of earth-shocking Revelations made yesterday by Rev Nathan Udeze about the atrocities Paul Emeka Committed against the Body of Christ.
Udeze said the School “University of California” is a non existence Internet School that has no Campus in American,but Paul Emeka’s Despiration to get another Professorial Certificate made him pay a wooping 6,000 Dollars for the 3rd Fake Title.

It will be recalled that Paul Emeka had bought the First One from one Prof Okoro in Aba,when it was discovered,he went o a Fake Bible School in Lagos and Bought another one,after it was uncovered that the school was fake,Emeka in his quest to get a Professorial Certificate paid money for another Fake Professorial Certificate.

“Udeze loves money he said but Paul Emeka forgets to tell people also that he loves tittle, that was why after the forged professorial certificate which he bought from Aba, he in the midst of this crisis when he could not afford to pay his workers,went and paid an internet school without a physical campus in US but few office blocks, the sum of $6,000 to buy another professorship. Paul Emeka when you travelled to US, did you see the campus of the university you paid $6000 to their account? Please, can you upload the pictures of the campus of this University? Yet, you were there for days and they took you everywhere but not to their campus”.

“How come you had your inaugural professorial lecture in a chapel instead of inside a university campus? Then, he returned and he claimed that he paid that huge amount of money about #3.5m then in order to affiliate Crown Theological seminary with that school. My God! All the while, you were GS of AG for 31/2 years and you never remembered to affiliate any schools of AG but as soon as you needed a tittle, you remembered affiliation. TST, I pity all of you! If you see what my eyes have seen in Paul Emeka, you will run for your lives. I will still talk about his midnight journeys in order to be a GS but before then let’s pray for him. He is far from anything God and Christianity”


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