Truth Prevails: Paul Emeka followers In Kwara Declares for General Council

Paul Emeka

Truth has Finally Prevailed In Kwara Missionary Area as the followers of Rev Paul Emeka(Persecutor of the Church) has Finally Declared to the General Council of Assemblies Of God Nigeria ably Led by Rev Dr Chidi Okoroafor as General Superintendent.

Before Yesterday Sunday 14th of January 2018,Rev Paul Emeka had Installed one Rev Johnson Ogbu as a Factional Chairman of Kwara Missionary Area.

Our Correspondent in Kwara REPORTS that Rev Johnson Ogbu was a Former Area Treasurer of Kwara Missionary of the General Council of Assemblies Of God Nigeria and Senior Pastor of Assemblies of God Church in Kaiama Kwara State before rendering himself to the Devil.

It was gathered that the said Pastor after Pledging Loyalty to Paul Emeka and being made a Factional Area Chairman never rendered Financial Account to Paul Emeka nor the General Council Leadership but merely exploited the sensibility of unsuspecting Members of Assemblies of God in Kwara for his Selfish benefit.

However after series of Prayers by the Church in Kaiama,God revealed to them the atrocities of Rev Johnson Ogbu which made the Church to stand against him with all their Might.

The Pastor was Chased out from the Church where he is pastoring and the entire Church decided to declare Loyalty to the General Council of Assemblies Of God Nigeria led by Rev Dr Chidi Okoroafor .

The General Council through the Kwara Missionary Area Chairman Rev Samuel A Showunmi and his Counselling Committee has sent a Missionary Rev Magnus Mbachu to AGC Kaiama Kwara State as their New Pastor.

He was Introduced to the Church and the Wholeheartedly Accepted him to be their Pastor.


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