BREAKING: Rev Abel Amadi Re-elected Owerri East District Superintendent



Rev Dr Abel Amadi has been re-elected as the Owerri East District Superintendent of Assemblies Of God Nigeria at the 3rd Triennial Council Meeting of the District held at the District Headquarters Toronto/Road Safety Road Uratta.

Dr Amadi who is also a Member of the Executive Committee Representing South East Zone 2 Polled a Total of 213 out of 257 Eligible Voters at the Nominative Ballot.

The Council Meeting which was Presided over by Rev Dr Chidi Okoroafor General Superintendent of Assemblies Of God Nigeria and Assisted by Rev Dr Friday Amirah the Warri District Superintendent had in attendance the Retired General Superintendent of Assemblies Of God Nigeria of Assemblies Of God Nigeria Rev Dr Charles Osueke and his Wife Rev Mrs Blessing Osueke among other District Superintendent and Some Director’s of the General Council.

Speaking from the Book of Psalm 63:1-2,Philippians 4:19 on the Topic “Guard the Headquarters ” Daddy Okoroafor said God is not interested with how many years of Post Ordination Experience a Pastor can boast For.

“Your Fall and your Rise begins with your Heart,Your Defeat also begins in the Heart”

He said the Cancers of the heart includes when someone compiles the list of offences in other to use it against another person,when you worry,when you begin to accept defeat among others.

“What am looking for in the Sanctuary is not neccesily people with academic Qualifications”

“What am looking for in the Sanctuary is people with the Glory”

“What we are doing today is one of the necessary things we do in Assemblies Of God Nigeria,but we should not be varied away by Council Meeting”

“From time to time,there must be pharaoh who may not know Joseph,but hear me as I announce it,Every Pharaoh must Recognize Grace because no matter the Pharaoh,Grace must be Recognized”

“God is Interested in the Headquarters and Satan is also is also interested in the Headquarters” the GS Said.

In his report the Owerri East District Superintendent said the District is not owing the General Council any Kobo and the District Loyalty remains unshakeable.

“We ensured that Owerri East District remained un-infrated within the period the enemy invaded Assemblies Of God Nigeria “Dr Amadi Said.

In his Commendation to the Owerri East District Presbytery after the District Superintendent’s Report,The General Superintendent of Assemblies Of God Nigeria Rev Dr Chidi Okoroafor them for maintaining Unity and Peace

Elected alongside Dr Amadi are Rev Dr Okechukwu Esom as Assistant District Superintendent, Rev Ohiagu G.O.C as District Secretary, Rev C.O.Anuna as District Treasurer,Rev Bethel Nwanebu,Rev B Onumajuru and Rev S O Igbo as Presbyters  all on Nominative Ballot.


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