Zlatan Legend Enhanced At United


Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s time at Manchester United came to a close on Thursday

After Manchester United said farewell to Zlatan Ibrahimovic on Thursday, we look back at his time at Old Trafford, and explain why it was so important for the striker, Jose Mourinho and the club.

It is a somewhat underwhelming exit for an over-the-top character. Zlatan Ibrahimovic departs Manchester United mid-campaign but free of the Roy Keane fireworks, having made only one Premier League start all season. That came in a home game against Burnley in which he was hooked at half-time with United two goals down.

Romelu Lukaku has stepped up for United in Ibrahimovic’s absence

As a result, for all the recent criticism directed at Jose Mourinho and his side, there is no great sense that Ibrahimovic will be a telling loss in the remaining weeks of the season. With 10 goals in 14 appearances since the turn of the year, Romelu Lukaku has done more than enough to reassure supporters of his status as the club’s top striker.


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