Chidi Okoroafor Speaks at Lagos Zone Strategic Church Growth Summit


The Assemblies Of God Nigeria has come of age, from 1934 to 2018.

This Summit is therefore meant to take a critical analysis and appraisal of how far we have gone in the Committee of Churches in Nigeria, Africa and the Whole World.

Expectations are very high on Assemblies Of God Nigeria. The Leadership has therefore decided to bring the Church to a comprehensive diagnostic centre and further to the theater if need Be. The Church shall at the end of the day be placed on necessary diets and spiritual medications. This is because this Church cannot die or decay in our Time. There is an absolute resolve that this Church must expand. No Circumstance shall stop the Move.

Talking about growth, there must be deliberate willingness to open, nurture and sponsor new Churches. When all is set in order, the Churches shall give birth to others. The time has come when local Churches must showcase evidences that they are indeed alive. The Church is not a Political Organization, Social Club, an age grade meeting or Community meeting but a living Organism.

Rev Dr Chidi Okoroafor, General Superintendent of Assemblies Of God Nigeria in his Speech at the Ongoing 2018 Strategic Church Growth Summit for South West Zone One and Two Bethel Camp Lagos.


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