Operation Recover By Promise Uzoma Okoro

On the 24th Day of February 2017,the Supreme Court in a unanimous Judgement Dismissed the Appeal by a Former General Superintendent of Assemblies Of God Nigeria Rev Paul Emeka against his Dismissal and subsequent Judgement of the Enugu Division of the Court of Appeal on the Matter.
By Virtue of that Supreme Court,Paul Emeka lost every legal ground to continue laying claims to the Leadership and Properties ,rather than abide by the ruling of the Supreme Court,Paul Emeka instituted Fresh Suits at the Federal and State High Courts in Enugu.
The Simple reason for those suits were to use them and buy time while extorting money from his Gullible and ignorant Followers.
But from the Fireworks coming out from the Judges today,it is now clear that Paul Emeka has no Locus Standi to commence any suit against Assemblies Of God Nigeria.
In Umuahia Jerusalem District,the ball is now on the Court of the Leaders of the District to go and recover their District House which Oldman Amaugo is occupying.
From Sapele,Edo,Jos etc,no excuses…Operation Recover all


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