Chinedum Orji and the Direct Touch Mechanism For Umuahia Central State Constituency

Lawmaker Representing Umiahia Central State Constituency Hon Chinedum Orji

At Different Times in History,Politicians, and Great Leaders have outlined mechanism to give back to the people through which they came to Power.

In 2015,not many believed the sincerity of the ambition of the Majority Leader of the Abia State House of Assembly and Member Representing the People of Umuahia Central State Constituency at the Abia State House of Assembly Hon Chinedum Orji.His only crime was being the son of the outgoing Governor of Abia State now Senator Representing Abia Central Senatorial District at the National Assembly Senator Theodore Orji.

No Doubt that the Engineer turned Politician within the last three years  have surpassed his Predecessors and shamed those with pessimistic view over his emergence as a Lawmaker,Hon Chinedum Orji known as a father of the Youths,a Solver of Problems and a Visionary Lawmaker recently embarked on a Direct Touch Philosophy for his Constituents.

From Ugba,Afara Community,Umuahia Town,Amuzukwu and few communities that made up his Constituency,his footprints has been galvanized in them for attracting People Oriented Projects for his Constituents.

Our nation will continue to dodder if those who have access to public funds are entitled to abuse it without any consequences, thank God for the likes of the Lawmaker Representing the Umuahia  Central State Constituency at the Abia State House of Assembly  has vowed to return the power and dividend of democracy back to the People.


Without doubt, Hon Chinedum Orji deserves the votes of his constituents as he goes for re-election under the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), platform come 2019.

The Lawmaker  who is a believer in the fact that powers must be linked to democracy in order to achieve a social betterment, where the people will be prosperous, in December 2017 empowered his constituents through his Direct Touch Mechanism which saw almost all the Ward Members in the Umuahia Central Constituency celebrating the 2017 Christmas with at least a Bag of Rice,Wrappers,Cash Gifts,Cars and automatic Scholarship to indigent students of the Umuahia Central Constituency.

From Finbarrs road junction, to Ezeigbulafor street, down to Umuobasi Street are double taps each on the entrance to the streets to shorten the proximity and make it easier for them to access water free of charge courtesy of the Direct Touch Philosophy of the Umuahia Central Lawmaker.

No Wonder last month of June, St Stephen’s Cathedral Parish, Umuahia to St. Luke’s Anglican Church Amakama Olokoro, Umuahia,Wesley Methodist Church Cathedral, Umuahia,St. Peter’s Presbyterian Church, Umuahia,St. Andrews Anglican Church Isiama Afara, Umuahia,the Presbyterian Church Ehimiri Housing Estate, St Mary’s Anglican Church, Ndume, Holy Trinity Anglican Church Ubakala, Umuahia took turns to Celebrate a sound Legislator Hon Chinedum Orji over his Legislative prowess for his constituents.

His Direct Touch Initiative also changed the Appearance of some of the Schools located at the Umuahia Central Constituency to improve the educational pursuit of his people.

There is no gain saying that one Good Turn Deserves Another, it is very glaring that the People of Umuahia Central State Constituency will reward their Lawmaker by returning him to the Abia State House of Assembly’ ’Unopposed’’ come 2019.

Promise Uzoma Okoro the Editor of PUO REPORTS and he wrote from Umuahia the Abia State Capital


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