Era Of Okija Shrine Oath Resurfacing In Abia By Ogba Chinwendu Kalu

Rt Hon Martyns Azubuike

I have wondered why Abia remains the only State in the South East with the most desperate politicians.

Abia as a State has not recovered from the onslaught of the 1999 to 2007 administration which laid the foundation of its todays albatross.

A fresh gang up is going on in Magreth Avenue. Same Magreth Avenue where they used to convey Abia desperate politicians to take them to the then Okija Shrine.

Same place some Abia Chiefs, able bodied men, who were desperate for political office were subjected to cracking of melon seeds in the bid to wait for mother excellency while she get down stairs to attend to them.

Same place is where the former Speaker, Hon. Martins Azubuike is conveying a team to agree on terms and conditions of the mother Excellency and also pick one of her sons as his deputy.

Abia could be anything you call them but won’t be Orji Uzor Kalu fools again. Abia people have learnt from their foolishness and mistakes and are very willing to correct it come 2019.

In Abia, it’s only 5% of the public office holders from 1999 to 2007 that can afford to feed their families.

In Abia, every person related or still associated with the old order of 1999 to 2007 is circling within pillar to post without achieving any result.

These and many more are the aftermaths of Okija Oath swearing of 1999-2007. Yet, the desperate Martins Azubuike and his duo are working tirelessly to take Abia back to Egypt.

We don’t want to have a situation were we will wake up one morning and realise that our State Governor couldn’t wake up from sleep, dead, probably poisoned by the cabals and his deputy.

We are better off in Abia without the Kalu’s.

Abians are wiser!

Ogba Chinwendu Kalu for Abia Concerned Citizens.


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