Oh Akpabio! Why Have You Mortgaged Your Glory? By Emmanuel Nicholas


This is one the most difficult epistles I have written since I started my writing career. As the author of your book: The Nigeria Model of Leadership, you were my best world leader because you directly impacted my life and family.

I have sworn sir, never to go against you notwithstanding the amount of money or position promised. But indeed, Sir, you have broken my heart and wounded my spirit; even my soul empties out all the blood in me. That now, I am weak and shattered.

Suddenly, I began to see my ancestors. I conversed with my forefathers. You have made me cry to the extent that my soul could no longer control my tears. My forefathers consoled me to no avail and my vexed spirit compounded my agony. All because, Sir, you have smashed my record of loyalty.

When I opened my eyes, I saw my grandmother approached me and said: ‘Aniekan, it’s not yet your time to join us. Go back to the earth and trust no mortal being any longer for they are easily given to destruction with a little or no life trials’. I queried what life trials were. And her answer: ‘EFCC persecution, he was threatened to be jailed and all his wealth taken away.’

Go back and work with Governor Udom Emmanuel; there are divine powers behind him. He won’t fail, my grandson.’

I wept all the more like a baby when I remembered how you wiped my tears when there was no one to help me. You entered my life and made me stand tall above my peers.
But the congregation of my ancestors told me there is something you have done; that you have incurred the wrath of the gods and so they have abandoned you to the devil.

Oh Iden Ekpe, what did you do, that you have been led to the slaughter by ungodly men? Comrade Adams Oshoimole stood before you without any respect neither for you nor for our noble leader Obong Victor Attah. Right in your face, he called both of you thieves. He said the PDP looted Akwa Ibom treasury dry for 16 years. A hopeless Edo man who used his first wife for rituals his dead wife was the first patient on earth I witness to have died of cancer within one week; a world record .

Iden Ekpe! The fire that burns the whiskers of a lion, does not only affect the hairs but the nose, mouth and eyes suffer more and when a father is disrespected, the children are even more humiliated. Sir, in fact, I was more embarrassed than you.

Sir, even Ntufam Hilliard Etta, a slave that was brought to halt stones from rocks in Odukpani by our forefathers, had the guts to call you a thief twice.

The first was two weeks ago, during Nsima Ekere’s rally behind your house and beside the grave of your mother and indeed, before your kith and kindred. There, he stood and said that he would probe you and ensured that you return the trillion of naira you stole from Akwa Ibom treasury.

As if that was not enough, the indigent Ntufam, a ludicrous slave, also said right before you, that you, Senator Godswill Akpabio is Saul and the fear of probe have transformed you to Paul . My heart fumed but what could I have done. When you were giggling and clapping hands as though what he said was the truth.

My Lord, you are treading into the den of men that will never love or forgive you because of the defeat and loss you have caused them. Nsima Ekere will remember how you sacked him just few months of being your deputy; he will remember how you frustrated him from becoming Governor in 2015.

Iden Ekpe! A Tigress who lost his womb to long penis of a horse will never fail to make it a prey and a Spanish man who lost his long nose to war, will always seek for revenge, even from the grave.

Obong Umana Okon Umana was humiliated from the office by Eka Esit Mbom – your wife. Sir, you stopped him from becoming the flag bearer of our Party and, out of frustration, he defected to the APC .

Sir, remember that the likes of John Udoedehe will never compromise their stand with you. For, an animal that was caught in a trap will always be afraid of a bending tree . I learnt from the APC camp that Otuekong Don Etiebet travelled out of the country, so as to avoid your defection rally.

However, I congratulate you for not going against Governor Udom Emmanuel in your speech, though you lamented the none completion of the Uyo- Ikot Ekpene Road , Please remember you personally slated the completion of this Road in one year, but 2012 to 2015 turned out to be three solid years .

Let me lead you to why Governor Udom Emmanuel couldn’t complete the road as early as you wanted it. Soon after your exit, the APC Government ran this country into recession, and the over 84bn debt you owed Julius Berger became one burden too many for Governor Emmanuel and so, Julius Berger could not return to site.

Sir, remember that the contract sum for the Road had been paid up but the company denied knowledge and receipt of such funds.

About compensation, most building from kilometer 4 (from Ikot Ekpene area ) in the record you left behind, was supposed to have been paid but in reality , they were not paid .
Besides Sir, there were a lot of litigations from property owners who were too many that Udom’s administration had to negotiate out of court and some of them never agreed to an out-of-court settlement.

I know you may not be aware of all these irregularities but ask your lieutenants to brief you about their shady deals that caused the delays in the completion of the Uyo-Ikot Ekpene Road.

My Senator, you also alluded to the non-take-off of the Four Point by Sheraton, Sir, you know that you completed the building but did not furnished the entire structure, just as you met Ibom Le Meridian and completed it .

Governor Udom Emmanuel has completed the furnishing of the Four Point by Sheraton and by December this year, the hospitality outfit will be ready to host you and your teaming friends. May be, you did not have this briefing from the Rt Hon. Nse Ntuen.

Senator Godswill Akpabio (CON), you made mention of your Governor sacking two commissioners who defected with you to the APC. Sir may be your brother Ibanga Akpabio and Victor Antai are economical with the truth and did not also brief you that they tendered their resignation letter, rather than being sacked by Governor Emmanuel as you claimed.

But Sir, remember that during the defection of Obong Umana Okon Umana to the APC that you sacked the two commissioners that defected with him, including board chairmen and members .

Also, remember the four House of Assembly members who defected along with Umana also lost their seats. Please Sir, let me remind you that a king that walk the path of slaves will always become a slave. Remember you told us that APC is a Party of slaves; remember you swore by the almighty God that you will never hold the broom of slavery.

Our Senator ! I hope you heard when Ahmed Tinubu called APC’s broom , a broom of destruction , come back home , I dont want you to be destroy.

Learn from the maltreatment of the Likes of Saraki , Atiku, Tamuwal , kwankwanso and T Y Danjuma who funded the rise of APC ,today they have been used and dump .

Why have you made me weep as a maiden who lost her first child? Why have you made me to groan like he that is troubled because his beautiful wife has been taken away by an ungodly king .

Oh Akpabio! Whoever did this voodoo to you, may your ancestors rise and destroy him. May the soul of your mother pray to God for your salvation, for I don’t want to cry over your fall.

One thing I will assure you , Akwa Ibom people will re-elect Governor Udom Emmanuel for second term , as no man is greater God .


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