Dakuku: A Houseboy and his fears… By Simeon Nwakaudu


Dakuku Peterside is one political house-boy who believes that his political relevance is premised on sycophantic press statements. He is a summary of political tragedy and manifestation of political thuggery in high places.

Dakuku Peterside would have served Amaechi , his treacherous oga better by being a street thug. His attempts at political criticism to please Amaechi is at best, ridiculous. It mocks the very essence of political leadership.

Who told Dakuku that the only route to the Brick House is by raining insults on Governor Wike? Who misled Dakuku into the belief that his sponsorship of negative media campaign against Governor Wike will amount to any good?

Why has Dakuku not noticed that Governor Wike is a seed of prosperity and development? Each time, Dakuku and his treacherous Oga try to bury Governor Wike, he germinates into a fruitful tree.

The recent unprovoked insults heaped on Governor Wike by Houseboy Dakuku Peterside is merely the ranting of a criminally disappointed servant, abandoned by his Oga and eager to curry favour from his oga.

If Dakuku Peterside thinks that Governor Wike cannot get a second term, why has he not declared his governorship ambition? Why is Dakuku awaiting the approval from the treacherous Amaechi before declaring? If Dakuku is popular why is he stating that Federal Might will help APC?

Why has Dakuku Peterside not told his media propaganda hired hands that he lost his State Assembly seat to the PDP and that the Andoni/Opobo-Nkoro Federal Constituency was won by PDP during the rerun where APC deployed 40,000 Federal Might?

In NIMASA, Dakuku Peterside has instituted the worst regime of corruption, leading to his indictment by the House of Representatives adhoc panel investigating the status of Treasury Single Account (TSA).

That House of Representatives Panel appalled by Dakuku’s corruption issued an arrest warrant against him. Dakuku Peterside has been running away from the committee ever since with the aid of the failed APC Federal Government.

It was because of Dakuku’s corruption that Rivers people rejected him in 2015, despite the billions spent by his oga for his campaign. As Works Commissioner, Dakuku Peterside diverted Rivers resources instead of constructing roads.

Governor Wike is now doing what Dakuku and his treacherous Oga failed to do. Roads, hospitals , schools, markets, special projects and empowerment programmes are springing up everywhere. For six weeks, Governor Wike commissioned projects on a daily basis, a feat no Nigerian Governor can equal.

Rather than waste scarce energy fighting God’s annointed, Dakuku Peterside should prepare on how to defend himself on the massive allegations of graft at NIMASA. The House of Representatives declared that he has a case to answer. He should clear his name at that level.

Thereafter, Dakuku Peterside and his treacherous Oga should struggle to defeat Senator Magnus Abe over the authentic Rivers APC faction.

It is now obvious that the thugs that Dakuku Peterside and Amaechi sponsored to destroy the Abe Rivers APC Secretariat at Waterlines did a poor job. That secretariat is still there. The issue before Dakuku is not Governor Wike or PDP. It is how to destroy the two other factions in the state.

It is after destroying Abe and Ikanya factions that Dakuku and his treacherous Oga can begin talking about 2023 elections. For now, there is no vacancy at the Brick House, Port Harcourt.

Governor Wike will be re-elected. He has worked for the people and they have endorsed him. They are working for the re-election of Governor Wike. These agents of Federal Might will fail in 2019 as they failed during the 2016 rerun.

Rivers APC brand of demonic politics has no place in the development process of Rivers State. Rivers State has rejected the APC, an ugly political congregation that is anti-South-South .

Dakuku Peterside should concentrate on eating the ill-gotten wealth from the Rivers State Ministry of Works and NIMASA. Rivers State Government House is way above his league. A boy-boy like him cannot be saddled with managing the scarce resources of an important state like Rivers.


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