REVEALED!!! My grouse with Alex Otti ( Part 2)… By Maduka Ikoh


From the series of messages received yesterday via my inbox, I am certain Abians are seeing Alex Otti for who he is ‘ A wolf in Sheep’s Clothing’. 16 staunch APGA loyalists came with their stories and corroborated with my own experience under Alex. They are ready to speak up.

Before the main election after Alex dribbled Dr. Reagan Ufomba at the primaries that was done inside his home, Alex Otti called me to join him to Lagos where I will help him put things together. It was Rotimi Amaechi’s jet that we were using for our tour to States to meet dignitaries. To Otti, we have already won the election going by our preparation and contacts. It was inside the private jet that he told me how he met Amaechi in Uniport and how he ‘sorted things out’ for him as a Governor. Those were the words he used. What it means, I did not bother to ask. For all I know, whatever Otti did for Amaechi was enough for the then Governor to work for Otti and jeopardize chances of any APC candidate. From what I gathered afterwards, Otti may have been moving (Laundering) money for Amaechi through banks and his contacts abroad.

Back to the trip. We landed at Lagos Airport and moved to Otti’s guest house at Victoria Island. He told me that someone special was coming to see us, he preferred to talk to the person alone but I prevailed on him to allow me to join the meeting since it was something we were pursuing together. He said the refusal was from the side of the visitor but will make him understand why the meeting should have a second witness.

Mr Dandy the house keeper at his guest house can confirm some of these stories since he was always the one serving me especially the one on 23rd November in 2014 where I gave him #40,000 to get himself some things ahead of Christmas. That was after I joined Otti to discuss the strategy with the visitor who I understand was working with Amaechi and was going to supervise election in Abia South.

The demand was simple, ‘Work hard to see that elections at Obingwa and part of Ugwunagbo are cancelled. Otti told him that if figures from these places are allowed, he wont stand a chance. That was the solution that we arrived at before we moved back to Abia State. The young man demanded for #300 million but Otti parted with #100 million but first of all, paid him #50m and another #50 million on the eve of April 10th.

In Abia State, we continued to move to different places. Otti was personally heading his propaganda group with one old man from Obingwa who introduced himself as Mr Ayodele Orji. When I enquired more, he told me that the name Ayodele was given to the man by his father who returned a favour to a Yoruba friend by naming his child after him. Mr Orji was in his 60s and looks intelligent. He told me that Orji will be in charge of all articles, editing and publications. He informed me that Mr Orji was a newspaper editor with the Guardian for years and has vast experience and contacts with publishers. He is a spin doctor, Alex said humorously. I reminded him that he told me he is not going to lie to Abians but Otti replied “Maduka YOU ARE NOT A POLITICIAN” . He said politicians bother about elections not morals.

More revelations.


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