Assemblies Of God Nigeria Elects New Executive Committee Members

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The 36th Quadrennial Council In Session this Afternoon Elected the Following Men of God as Members as f the Executive Committee.

According to the Constitution of Assemblies Of God Nigeria, the General Council in Session Elects Members of the Executive Committee.

Here are the Newly Elected Members.

Rev Ogba Onyeije 1600 Votes South East Zone 1, Rev Dr Abel Amadi 3332 Votes South East Zone 2, Rev. David Agu 3540 Votes For South East Zone 3, Rev Emmanuel Nshii 1000 Votes for South East Zone 4, Rev Malachy Udoh 2395 Votes South South Zone 1, Rev Living Joshua 3591 Votes for South South Zone 2,Rev Friday Amirah 4684 Votes For South South Zone 3, Rev Isunguyo Eshiett 3784 Votes for South South Zone 4,Rev Paul Thangod Ekeasi for South South Zone 5 Rev John Agev North Central Zone 2 Rev Gabriel Michael North Central Zone 1,Rev Haruna Tutu 3999 Votes North West Zone, Rev Jacob Langs 4341 Votes for North East Zone, Rev Emmanuel Ifezue 1750 Votes South West Zone 1, Rev John Okafor 2244 Votes for South West Zone 2.

The Officers of the Council Prayed for them.

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