FGGC Umuahia Principal Under Fire For Encouraging abuse of Students

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Students of Federal Girls’ Government College, Umuahia may have become unfortunate victims of bullying by not only fellow students but also staff of the school.

This situation recently deteriorated with the male teachers physically abusing the girls in the name of punishments for no just cause while the management of the college turns blind eye to the ugly trend.

A recent attack of an S.S.3 student by a male teacher known as Mr. Ekeoma Okoro Jacob, a P.T.A. teacher further exposes the level of abuse of the girls in the hands of some of these teachers who enjoy the protection of the principal, Dr. Mrs Giginna Lydia Ifeyinwa.

This Ekeoma who has been reported to be notorious in mal-handling the students, is said to have slapped his most recent victim thrice on the cheeks for allegedly not greeting him.

However, the student who is known to be obedient and respectful has denied intentionally not greeting him, saying that she was walking down from the classroom and had not yet reached where the teacher was before he called out at her and ordered her to come to him only to receive three slaps.

He did not stop there as he went on to threaten her on how he would repeat the action if he so wished.
The mother of the child, on hearing this development went to the school to speak with the principal severally on this issue, but was refused access to her as she was always told she(principal) was not in her office.

She was also stopped from seeing the abusive teacher.
Will this case be like many others that have remained unaddressed in this college by the management which chooses to encourage the staff in wrong doings and pretending not to know?

There is need for the authorities in the Education sector to look into this cankerworm at FGGC, Umuahia with a view to calling erring staff to order before the situation further degenerates.

The college has experienced two fire outbreaks since the assumption of office of Mrs. Ifeyinwa Giginna where

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