Rivers PDP Dismisses Ogbonna Nwuke As Politically Deranged


…Flaws Remarks On Gov Wike

The Rivers State Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Bro Felix Obuah has dismissed the scathing remarks on Gov Nyesom Wike by Mr Ogbonna Nwuke, a self-acclaimed spokesman for a party’s campaign organization and candidate that do not exist by reason of a high court judgment that has not been set aside, as an outburst of a frustrated political desperado struggling to gather his pieces together after suffering rejection by his own people.

Bro Obuah in a statement by his Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Jerry Needam said it is regrettable that Mr. Nwuke who ought to be more civilized in his approach to issues as a member of the respected ink and pen fraternity has allowed himself to be infected and blindfolded in his desperation to find relevance among his fellows on wide goose chase.

The State PDP Chairman advised Mr Nwuke to quickly learn to talk about his superiors and leaders with some respect and decency, and most importantly, imbibe the spirit of humility and also learn the art of controlling his emotions even while seeking relevance as an election casualty that has left him apparently psychedelic.

“My first thought after reading the junk written by Mr Nwuke against the people’s Governor was not to join issues with him because I understand his frustrations, having become jobless after he was rejected by his own people in the attempt to return to the House of Representatives for the second time to no avail.

“But to put the records straight and educate Mr Nwuke who has since relocated to Abuja to feed on the crumbs from his master’s tables, Governor Wike has made history in the governance of Rivers State, having fulfilled all his promises before, during and after the elections which have earned him unprecedented accolades and awards nationally and internationally.

His developmental strides traverse all sectors of the State economy, notably the education, health, judiciary, infrastructure, human Capital etc”.

The State PDP chairman noted that under Governor Wike administration, security has received a priority attention which accounts for the low rate of criminal activities across the State compared to what the situation was under the immediate past regime of which Mr Nwuke was part and parcel of.

Bro Obuah recalled with tears some high profile killings under that regime that claimed the lives of the like of serving ambassador of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and statesman, Chief Ignatius Ajuru, Hon. Charles Nsiegbe etc, an experience that has never again been witnessed since Governor Wike assumed office in 2015.

Insisting that Mr Nwuke, being part of that heinous regime has no moral right to criticize the present PDP-led government in the State, the State PDP Chairman argued that the ‘receiver is as bad as the thief’ and challenged Ogbonna Nwuke to mention one notorious corrupt person in the Wike administration vis-à-vis those behind the script he is acting, accusing him of grossly lacking a sense of history.

Bro Obuah proudly noted that infrastructurally, Gov. Wike has performed far more than any other administration before him and therefore advised Mr Nwuke to put aside political sentiments and appreciate these rare landmark developments brought to the State by Gov. Wike.

“It is only when Ogbonna Nwuke has shown sufficient proof that he has grown above these infantile sentiments can he say something and have some audience from the more enlightened Rivers people”, Bro Obuah declared



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