We Are Sure You Will Carry Ikwuisii Along- Uzuakoli stakeholders/community leaders to Dr Chimaobi Anyaso



A group of stakeholders and community leaders from Uzuakoli paid a courtesy visit on Dr Chimaobi Desmond Anyaso at his residence, Ahuoma Villa, in Igbere.
The group led by Mr Ogbonnaya Michael (Digital), came to show their appreciation to Dr Anyaso for massively empowering the people of Ikwuisii and Uzuakoli in particular during his Mega Empowerment program held last December.

Speaking during their visit, the leader of the delegation Mr Michael Ogbonnaya who received a Toyota Sienna van at the empowerment program told Dr Anyaso that Ikwuisii will never abandon him. According to Ogbonnaya, Dr Anyaso has eliminated any oita of doubt or fears of possible marginalization in the hearts of Ndi Ikwuisii having been so equitable in distributing his own personal wealth amongst Umunna and Ikwuisii. He further stated that more than seven people from Ikwuisii received cars and over thirty motorcycles were also given to Ikwuisii indigenes during Dr Anyaso’s empowerment program. Therefore Ikwuisii has chosen unity and will never be deceived by peddlers of divisiveness who have nothing to offer.

Dr Anyaso on his part thanked the delegation but expressed surprise saying that he was not expecting anything in return being that he did what he did as his commitment to Ndi Bende. He however encouraged them to continue to preach peace and unity amongst the electorate stating that without unity there will be no progress. Dr Anyaso reiterated his commitment towards the continued friendship and oneness of Ikwuisii and Umunna and saying that His campaign organization will never succumb to the antics of those whose stock in trade is division.


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