Abia APGA Chairmanship Tussle – The Marrow Of The Matter

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We ought to feed people with correct and unbiased information.

If people found later that they were not told the truth, what becomes the fate of the false news/information bearer?
Well this postulation is as a result of the recent publications concerning the outcome of the various court positions yesterday 6/02/2019.

One of the most important points that hawkers of propaganda will not tell you is that there were *3 cases* held simultaneously yesterday which are as follows.

*1 State High court on stay of execution*

*2 the federal high court, Umuahia on the APGA list that should be in INEC and*

*3 The court of appeal, Owerri on the authenticity of the chairmanship of Prince Barr Nnanna Ukaegbu Onapuruagu*

*POSITION OF THE COURTS* **The State High court **Umuahia refused the stay of execution as requested by the lawyer representing Alex Otti line up of the party. The court summarily said they can go to appeal court to ask for stay of execution and upheld the chairmanship of Prince Nnanna Ukaegbu who was reinstated as the authentic chairman of the party through a court order issued on the *25th day of September* with *Suit No ***Hu/52/2018**.

*Federal High court, Umuahia*: The federal high court ruled in summary that it lacks the jurisdiction to order INEC to accept the list as produced by Nnanna Ukaegbu led State Congress as the state chairman, because the originating summon is still pending determination by another court.
Where the court lacks jurisdiction, the option is to appeal the judgement on jurisdiction, which will be properly done in due course through the appropriate legal procedure.

*Appeal Court Owerri*: The appeal court in Owerri ruled that Prince Nnanna Ukaegbu remains the state chairman of the party in Abia. The option is for Rev. Ehiemere and Alex Otti that took the matter to appeal to proceed to the supreme Court.
From the above, it is crystal clear that the unwholesome attempt by Alex Otti and Ehiemere to alter the mainstream structure of the party have crashed.
*Facts to note—-*
1 *Prince Nnnana Ukaegbu Remains the Authentic Chairman of the party*

2. *Sir Chikwe Udensi is the Authentic candidate of the party*
My people this is the situation of yesterdays court verdicts. Anything less than the above regardless of whatever captivating caption it might bear is false and baseless lies from the pit of hell. Please disregard any publication without substantial evidence and fact.

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