PDP Urges Nigerians Not To Be Intimidated By Threats Of Violence And Extra-Judicial Murder By APC:


As the The Peoples Democratic Party prepares and mobilizes her members and admirers for the February 23 rescheduled Presidential and National Assembly elections, the Party has called on Nigerians of good conscience not to feel intimidated by threats of violence and murder emanating from the All Progressives Congress.

In a release issued at Aba by a Spokesman of the Party; Sir Don Ubani, the Party noted that the APC government of President Buhari has been unlawfully deploying billions of Naira meant for the development of the country, just to assist itself remain in power at the dangerous expense of the Nigerian masses who have been badly impoverished by the clueless inarticulate APC federal government.

PDP frowns at a situation where President Buhari has recently diverted the sum of Six Billion Naira(N6b) from the fund meant to take care of Internally Displaced Persons and has disbursed same to candidates of APC to help them equip fake security men with whom they intend to rig next Saturday’s elections, nation wide.

PDP is worried that while some Nigerians are treated with total negligence and abandonment in Internally Displaced Persons’ Camps, the APC federal government is unconscionably giving each of its one hundred and nine senatorial and three hundred and sixty House of Representatives candidates the sum of twenty million and ten million Naira, respectively.

While it is unfortunate that the APC government of President Buhari has condescended to this unimaginable low level of absence of human conscience, PDP urges Nigerians to go all out next Saturday and vote out this heartless, wicked and excessively brutal government of Buhari and his APC.

PDP wishes to remind Nigerians that there is a subsisting Court of Appeal ruling of February 15th, 2015 which prohibits the presence of the military in matters concerning elections. Interestingly, the suit was filed by a prominent member of the APC in the House of Representatives, Mr Femi Gbajabiamila.

PDP regrets that APC, being a Party which leadership is devoid of sincerity and respect for the Rule of Law, is now not only drafting the military into a purely democratic exercise but has gone ahead directing the military to kill as many Nigerians as available bullets could guarantee under the pretense that they are ‘ballot box snatchers’.

PDP calls on President Buhari to respect the laws of the country by urgently retracting that unlawful brutal order he gave to the Nigerian military to kill at sight at the polling units next Saturday. He should, for once, allow the laws of the land to prevail.

PDP urges Nigerians, especially her teeming members and supporters who are registered voters, to go quite early to their polling booths on Saturday and, as usual, remain law-abiding and peaceful while going through the required processes of accreditation and voting. They should not easily be provoked by persons whose main objective might be to ferment trouble so that voting could either be marred or even cancelled. All the same, they should be vigilante, prepared and determined to cast and defend their votes. Legitimate votes, as long as PDP is concerned, must count.

PDP wishes to remind Nigerians that if the APC federal government could be as brutal, bloody, nepotic and discriminatory as it has remorselessly been in these four years of its first tenure, any attempt to allow it a second tenure would tantamount to the worst hardship and insecurity of lives and property ever to be witnessed in Nigeria.

PDP implores Nigerians to vote for her Presidential candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, his running-mate, Mr Peter Obi and all her National Assembly candidates next tomorrow. Atiku Abubakar, if elected, would address the ravaging poverty and hunger in the land. He would create jobs and reunite the country. The current brutal killings in the country under Buhari would automatically become a thing of the past.

Under Atiku/Obi, Nigeria would work again.




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