The impact of Dr. Chima Anyaso’s Developmental Strides and Sustainable Development Goals… By Razorgabs


Of the Sustainable Development Goals that would drive social, political and economic development of our society through implementation of growth oriented policies to help drive this change that we so much desire in our society, one cannot leave out the great contributions of Dr. Chima Anyaso in this regard.

Dr. Desmond Chima Anyaso, the candidate of the People’s Democratic Party in the forthcoming Bende Federal House of Representatives election, has made his mark and left a lasting legacy yet unmatched by his opponents. His contributions towards poverty alleviation, promotion of quantitative and qualitative education, alleviation of hunger, etc., speaks for itself.

The campaign of Dr. Chima Anyaso in no order of importance as listed below, reflects the ultimate end-point of the 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) to transform our world. They however serve as an inspiration to change the course of Bende Constituency, and as being implemented by Dr. Anayso to help drive the desired change in Bende, has gone a long way to better our society.

*No Poverty*

Dr. Chima Anyaso Foundation has engaged in vigorous eradication of poverty in his Bende Constituency through empowerment of his Constituents where he donated machineries that would help alleviate poverty. Some of the contributions in this sector include but not limited to tricycles, motorcycles, buses, sewing machines, cash donations, etc. Also, he has established a well equipped skill acquisition center that trains students in Textile and tailoring, professional welding, hairdressing, catering and so many other skills that is capable of creating livelihood graduates

*Zero Hunger*

Dr. Chima Anyaso has ensured that poverty in his Constituency is brought to a very minimal level through donation of Food stuffs which has become an annual event during Christmas period and other periods. These include: bags of Rice, beans, garri, cartons of other food items, etc, which the people need to survive on.

*Good Health and Well-being*

Through the Chima Anyaso Foundation, regular free medical outreach has become a norm in Bende. The people of Bende now have access to medical attention courtesy of Dr. Anyaso Foundation and this has contributed immensely to the growth and well being of the people of Bende. Of utmost importance is the recent donation of a wheelchair to disabled persons across Bende and donation of drugs, medical equipment and money to primary health centers in Bende.

*Quality Education*
Qualitative education is indeed so dear to Dr. Anyaso, this is not in doubt as the Ahuoma Anyaso Education Foundation has contributed so much to the educational growth of Bende Constituency. The Foundation Established in 2006 First, set up a nursery and primary school in Igbere and that school provides free education to over 500 pupils. The Foundation also offers scholarship to indigenes and non indigenes of Bende up to University level and has constructed classroom blocks with access to pupils from nursery to primary school, free of charge.

*Gender Equality*

Dr. Anayso has laid so much emphasis on empowerment of women in Bende. This, he has exemplified through donation of vehicles, granting of soft non-interest loans to women. Also, the free education policy of Dr. Anayso targets mostly the young girls in the rural communities and the increase in female enrollment in the School.

*Clean Water and Sanitation*

Dr. Anyaso has contributed towards ensuring provision of clean water through sinking of boreholes in different communities in Bende, this has ensured adequate water supply and contributed towards alleviating the pains the people go through to access water in their communities.

*Affordable and Clean Energy*

To Dr. Anyaso, power supply is essential to societal growth and economic prosperity, this led him to restore power supply in some communities that lacked power supply in Bende, Itumbuzo, etc.

*Decent Work and Economic Growth*

As outlined above, Dr. Anayso has also contributed to the Economic growth of the people and society through granting of soft non-interest loans to drive the economic development of Bende. He has also redefined and bridged the communication gap encountered during business transactions by equipping the people with the resources to drive their economic agenda.

*Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure*

He has created wealth by building the industries that have on it’s employ, numerous Bende indigenes. His hostels, other companies too numerous to mention sited across the country. This has added value to the lives of the people of Bende and contributed to the infrastructural growth of the constituency.

*Reduced Inequality*

Dr. Anayso through his economic and social empowerment Programs, has reduced the level of inequality that once existed among the male and female category of the society in Bende. His empowerment drive targets both categories and has contributed towards the growth of Bende. Dr. Anayso believes that what a man can conceive, a woman can as well achieve.

*Peace and Justice Strong Institutions*

Dr. Chima Desmond Anyaso is a man of peace. Not only is he a man of peace by words, he has exhibited this through his actions in the course of this campaign. He is at the forefront of promoting peace and oneness and cordial relationship among the clans in Bende. Due to his resolve to ensure that Bende is peaceful, he signed an undertaken with the people to always be a promotor and peace ambassador. This attracted the two Clans in Bende, the Ikwuisii and Umunna who unanimously endorsed his candidacy. Dr. Anayso will continue to promote peace and harmonious relationship among the people of Bende.

*Partnerships to achieve the Goals*

Dr. Anayso’s exposure in business and hospitality will definitely, when elected into the green Chambers of the National Assembly, guarantee tremendous partnership with relevant agencies to ensure the actualization of the goals as enshrined in the (SDG’s) and will contribute to the sustainability of the achievements as enumerated above.


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