Reasons Why Deji Adeyanju resigned from Charly Boy’s “Our Mumu Don Do” Movement


Comrade Deji Adeyanju made headlines early Wednesday morning after he announced his resignation from a popular Civil Society Organization(CSO), “Our Mumu Don Do” accusing its leader, Charlyboy Oputa of betraying the group and ‘partnering with the Oppressors’.

The ‘Our Mumu Don Do’ movement was started by entertainer and socialite, Charles Oputa a.k.a Charlyboy two years ago alongside Deji Adeyanju, a popular activist. The group was known for speaking against injustice, political oppression and supporting Press freedom.

Trouble started for the group after Adeyanju was charged to court by the Nigerian government and subsequently remanded in prison custody on allegations of murder for a period of two months, shortly before the just concluded 2019 General Elections.

While Adeyanju was away, the group’s activities noticeably slowed down to almost a point of inexistence. Also, Charly boy was reportedly not actively campaigning for his partner’s release on the ground and on social media. This raised a lot of questions as to what was truly going on behind closed doors.

With Wednesday morning’s announcement, the general suspicion was finally confirmed. Adeyanju claims Oputa betrayed the cause of the group. Further Checks reveal that the problems within the group may be deeper than publicized. A source privy to details surrounding the rift told PoliticsNGR that Charly boy allegedly collected funds from certain interests within the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC.

The source went further to reveal that the group had lost confidence in the leadership of Oputa with many leaving the group to join another called “Free Nigeria”.

“Since the release of Deji, Charly Boy has not been Forthcoming. Raphael Adebayo and Dare Ariyo have been the ones championing for Deji’s release.”

“You know that since the release of Deji, he has not made or issued any statement. He didn’t even go to the airport to receive Deji. A lot of things have been happening. He has compromised” the source said.

Efforts to reach Charlyboy for comment were unsuccessful. When we contacted Adeyanju for comment, he simply said: “Let’s just leave everything, it is well”. He refused to comment further on the matter.



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