Who Really Is Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi?… By Sogbeye Eli

Chibuike Amaechi
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Like him or hate him, this man has done his bit in a short but very momentous spell in the politics or political history of the Rivers State. He has since moved on to a higher calling and is confronting greater challenges at the national level.

Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi walked off the stage as Speaker of the Rivers State House of Assembly and Governor of the State between 1999 and 2015 but has remained the most vilified political actor in his time in his State. Unfortunately, the tongues of men may be as sharp as the teeth of predatory Sharks but cannot tear down the walls of Truth.

Thus, the most insulted, notwithstanding the rain of venom, who entered the pantheon of the Greats of his State after May 29, 2015 remains thereat. Not by virtue of his numerous battles. Or broken pots of friendships. Or alliances of convenience. He did so by leaving legacies that ennobled the Rivers man, woman and child in the Nigerian geopolitical space.

For those who disagree with his methods, especially now that the “victors” of the 2019 elections cycle in Rivers State have rolled out their drums, you cannot doubt the proofs from his results. You are at liberty to flaunt your unbeatable political strength against this enemy of yours but the enduring legacies he laid down in education, health, security, agriculture, etc would yet speak through this and generations coming. He may not have led aright and all his decisions may not have been thought through with the finest brush of human intelligence, introspection or retrospection, but some of his hardest decisions that remain unpopular now will bear him out when the future falls upon us.

CRA, let men sit in judgment over you. Even Jesus Christ in all His innocence was not spared the people’s scourge. Let them write you off and convict you but your conscience must be your ultimate Judge. I am satisfied, in my small walk through this earth thus far, to note that fair winds do not always blow in the direction of those who dare where faint hearts cringe! You have done your bit to leave your land of birth better than you met it.

Ubima has more roads and schools and markets and appointments and employment opportunities and scholarships and traditional stools and political Wards and…and…and… everything my Udekama (Degema) clan ever had since Genesis 1. Yet those for whom you toiled and gave so much to be what those of us who support you without any tangible offices, contracts or appointments ever smelled, are bantering us with your failure to deliver your Unit, Ward and LGA now and again. Never mind, your fate is no news amongst men.

Even Christ failed to perform a single miracle in his village and the records bear witness that He came to His own and His own received Him not.

Rotimi, the price for standing by and for the Truth can be too costly to bear in all issues of life. Perhaps nowhere more worse than in politics! But bear it you must like Christ bore the shame of the Cross, if you must wear the crown of justification in the end. I have used the persona of our Lord and Saviour to illustrate my point here for two reasons. The first is, as a Christian, you must endeavour to be Christ like. Secondly, the environment around which your political fortunes appear to be dipping or have nosedived is peopled largely by Christians who, I believe, can easily connect with the stories bearing the experiences of Christ. Now, go ahead knowing that human history rewards only the steadfast. Your back hears nothing those behind you say.

What matters are the incorruptible verdicts of history on your decisions as well as deeds; not the words of men no matter how enticing or condemning.

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