Ikuku, The Exponent Of Direct Touch And Lessons Thereof:



Life devoid of innovation is as good as lost. In a fast growing world of intellectual enterprise, one must be able to put one’s thinking cap.

One can not continue to do the same thing and expect a different result. In a dynamic world as is currently being experienced, innovation in thoughts and actions is key.

In contemporary politics of Abia State, there is a young man that has, through dent of self-discipline, hard work, vision towards egalitarianism and incomparable dedication to humanity and philanthropy, carved a niche for himself.

Engr Chinedum Enyinnaya Orji, the Member representing Umuahia Central State Constituency and Majority Leader in Abia State House of Assembly, is the subject of this piece.

Engr Orji, popularly called Ikuku Abia, has indisputably proved himself a trailblazer. Though on his side is the advantage of youthfully dynamic age, functional education and good parental background, Engr Orji frowns at the arrogant and keeps a far distance from egocentrism.

Elected into the Abia State House of Assembly in 2015, Engr Orji, being a chip of the old block, must have garnered a lot of experience from his father, who is the immediate-past Governor of the State and currently re-elected Senator representing Abia-Central District, Chief T A Orji, Ochendo.

One may recall that Ochendo stands out as one of the most generous governors Abia State has had in terms of material empowerment.

Ochendo, as Governor, tried as much as he could to enhance the welfare of many Abians through different forms of human empowerment. But his efforts were almost thwarted because he passed through proxies who failed to stand the test of trust and sincere execution.

Many expected beneficiaries of Ochendo’s empowerment programme were not reached because of selfishness and insincerity of some of his aides who were given the trust of execution.

The consequence of the activities of those dishonest and untrustworthy proxies was some cold feelings towards Ochendo during his senatorial election in 2015 by some members of the electorate in Abia-Central, particularly in Umuahia area.

Though Ochendo won in the said 2015 senatorial election, it had become a big lesson for the dynamic Chinedum Orji.

Right from his first day in Abia State House of Assembly in 2015, Ikuku developed a novel strategy of reaching his constituents directly, instead of passing through intermediaries, a good number of who, like in the case of his father, would not exhibit altruism.

Ikuku originated and institutionalized what has come to be known as Direct Touch Approach; D T A, in Abia State political philanthropy.

Using his Direct Touch Approach, Ikuku reaches individuals, groups, communities, schools, churches and even professional bodies in his constituency.

In order to make the Direct Touch Approach feasible and result-oriented, Ikuku throws his gate open to the electorate in his constituency. His phone lines are at the beck and call of his constituents. He makes sure there is no barrier between his constituents and him.

Any iota of discomfort that affects any member of his constituency automatically becomes a challenge to Ikuku and, without any hesitation, he rises up to it.

By his desire and design, the less privileged in his constituency, who have problems either paying the school fees of their children or incapable of paying their hospital bills, are quickly consoled once they remember there is Ikuku and that he is always accessible and ever willing to come to their aid.

Ikuku is quite distinguished from many other legislators who are blinded by the archaic mentality that their business is only to represent their constituencies, make laws and perform oversight functions.

Ikuku is naturally liberal and magnanimous. He has donated and installed more than fifty Electric Transformers to his constituency. He has built many school blocks and sunk many boreholes for the convenience and comfort of his people.

His Youth and Women Empowerment Programme is next to none among legislators in the whole of Abia State.

To put it mildly, the greatest sources of joy to this quintessential young man called Ikuku are Charity, Benevolence and Unbounded Philanthropy.

For those who think Ikuku is not wise in being exceptionally generous, the result of House of Assembly election of Saturday 9th March, 2019 is an eye opener. Ikuku won his election; defeating every other contestant, seamlessly.

By extension, his unprecedented kindness also helped in his father’s senatorial re-election.

PDP in Abia State heartily felicitates with this legislative Icon and Rare Gem, Ikuku and urges other legislators and politicians in the State to take a critical view of Ikuku’s template and dispassionately draw lessons from his Direct Touch Approach.



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