5 Reasons Why Engr Chinedum Orji(IKUKU) May Likely emerge As Abia House of Assembly Speaker


By Comr UGOCHUKWU Nwankwo

The race for who becomes the speaker of the 7th Abia House of Assembly has intensified.

The heat generated from the tussle has continued to be felt even by those who have little or no role to play in deciding who emerges as speaker.

What has made the jostle more interesting is the rumoured entrance of the son of the former of the state and member representing Umuahia Central State Constituency, Engr. Chinedum Orji into the race.

His entrance has elicited all forms of reaction from Abians especially the opposition elements who see this move as a voracious appetite at power grabbing.

Truth is, as you are reading this and irrespective of the opinions in the street, Engr. Chinedum Orji is currently the man to beat, as regards to the Speakership tussle.

Here are some of the reasons why he may most likely emerge as the speaker of the 7th House of Assembly:

1. FEAR : Today in Abia, Engr. Chinedum Orji has become a huge political denominator in the state politics. His clout and fame has earned him friendship and followership across board. Thus the fear of supporting someone who may likely loose is currently looming among the members elect today. They do not want to be stamped an enemy.

Again many of the members elect especially the old ones may not really like to vote for Ikuku, but the fear of loosing out totally in case he eventually emerges may push them to swallow their pride and join the bandwagon.

Statistics shows that 35% of the members elect are newbies. Fresh from election, most of them are currently cash trapped and will easily cave in with a tangible inducement.

3. BENEVOLENCE : One of the traits which friends and foes alike can attest to is the fact the Engr. Chinedum Orji has a large heart and an open arms. This trait is going to be one of the reasons he me be elected as the new speaker as even the members desire a leader who is already financially satisfied to another who is yet at the “financial DPC level”.

Money they say answereth all things and as already stated, members elect are all coming out from elections. In fact, most of them incurred one debt or the other and will be needing urgent financial cushioning which has not come since they are yet to be sworn in. Thus, in this circumstance, the members elect are likely to tilt towards anyone who can ameliorate their predicament.
5. ZONING : Though zoning has been bastardized, Subterfuged, trampled upon by Abia PDP and has become a term that only favours a special set of individuals, it can not be thwarted in this case. Thus zoning favours Ikuku, especially as the Ngwa divide of Abia Central Senatorial zone has held on to the position for awhile now.

Thus, give and take, Ikuku is already coasting home to victory, not just because of the above listed, but because their is no opposition, the few elected into the house of Assembly had allegedly pledged allegiance in order to be carried along.

The coming days are going to be quite interesting!



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