War: Zelenskyy mocks Russian soldiers, say ‘Confused children, ordinary farmers capturing you’

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The Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, has mocked Russian soldiers, describing them as ‘confused children’.

According to him, the morale of the soldiers, who do not even know why they are fighting, ‘is crumbling’.

Zelenskyy said this in a Facebook post on Wednesday night, according to CNN, claiming that “More and more occupiers are fleeing back to Russia.”

Zelenskyy added, “Our military, our border guards, our territorial defense, even ordinary farmers capture the Russian military every day. The morale of the enemy is constantly deteriorating.”

Speaking further, Zelensky accused Russian forces of looting Ukraine and are being treated like common criminals.

He said the Russian forces are entering grocery stores when trying to find food to eat, adding, “These are not warriors of the superpower, these are confused children who were used. ”

The war, which began last Thursday, enters its eighth day today with huge casualties already recorded. President Vladimir Putin had ordered the invasion of Ukraine over disagreement on some political issues.

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