Boyfriend hires lawyer, warn mother of his girlfriend over plan to terminate his baby in Benin

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A young man identified as Mr Obinyan Marvelous from Benin in Edo State, has written to one Mama Tessy, the mother of his girlfriend identified Miss Tessy not to attempt terminating the pregnancy her daughter is carrying as he said he is ready to “father the baby”

In a warning/pre action notice written by Barr E. O Uhunamure of the Uhunamure and Co, Mr Marvelous warned the mother not to attempt terminating the baby or be ready to face he consequences of she tries such.

“Our client informed us that he is the boyfriend to your daughter Tessy and they have been together as friends for about six months”

“They both went for medical check up where they were informed that Tessy was one month pregnant, so our client has directed us that he is ready to father the baby.

“Take notice, If the baby is terminated, we have our client instructions to petition you to the Commissioner of Police and sue you at the court of Law” he said.

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