Your Excellency Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, Before Paul Emeka Destroys Your Political Carrier



By Evangelist Promise Uzoma Okoro

Greetings to you, Your Excellency Rt Hon Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi the Executive Governor of Enugu State.(Gburugburu)

I write to bring to your attention the futile efforts of Rev Paul Emeka, a Former General Superintendent Of Assemblies Of God Nigeria who is trying everything possible to pitch you against the Assemblies of God Nigeria at this Critical Moment that you are Preparing for your Second Term Re-election.

As you are aware The Judgment of the Supreme Court of Nigeria delivered on the 24th of February 2017 in Suit No.SC/396/2015 Rev PAUL EMEKA v. REV DR CHIDI OKOROAFOR & ORS, which was sequel to an appeal filed by the appellant, Rev Paul Emeka who was dismissed as General Superintendent of the Assemblies Of God Nigeria, on 6th March 2014.

Consequent upon his said dismissal Rev Paul Emeka approached the High Court of Enugu State Presided over by Justice Anthony Onovo for the enforcement of his fundamental right as General superintendent of the church on 13th of April 2014.

Rev Emeka was successful in the said high court but on appeal by the church, a three Man Panel of the Court of Appeal Justice Presided over Justice Emmanuel Agim upturned the judgment of the high court and held that the right to be superintendent of the church is not a fundamental right of any individual.

Rev Emeka appealed to the Supreme Court and the apex court dismissed his appeal and also upheld the decision of the Court of Appeal that it is not Rev Emeka’s fundamental right to be superintendent of Assemblies Of God Nigeria.

Paul Emeka

Supreme Court Justice Kekere-Ekun, who read the lead judgement held, “Being a pastor, General Superintendent and member of a church is not a fundamental right as envisaged in the 1999 Constitution.
“The remedy for the removal of the appellant as a pastor, General Superintendent and a member of the respondent, does not fall within section 36 because the right to be a pastor is not a constitutional one.”

Therefore, Rev Emeka’s appeal did not succeed in the Supreme Court.

Now, as Rev Emeka was dismissed and he went to court and lost comprehensively he does not have any right to claim ownership of that position anymore.

The above is the only reasonable and sane interpretation and explanation fit to be given to the judgement of the Supreme Court.

It is therefore the highest fallacy for any one to claim that Rev Paul Emeka is still the general superintendent of the church or that he has any right to that office, four years after it has been occupied by another person.

The leadership of Assemblies Of God Nigeria with Rev Dr Chidi Okoroafor as General Superintendent is subsisting and it is entirely unchallenged in law by any other person.

It is very unfortunate that Rev Paul Emeka has refused the advise of Key Political Leaders from Enugu State over this same Matter.

Your Excellency, the Deputy Senate President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Senator Ike Ekweremadu last year advised Rev Paul Emeka as a Brother to allow Peace to reign in Assemblies Of God because it was very clear that he Lost the Case at the Supreme Court, only for our Former Leader to Blackmail Senator Ike Ekweremadu of not being an Enugu Man.

His deliberate disrespect to the judgement of the apex court of the land makes him a lawless man.

A lot of Politicians from Enugu State including a Member of the Enugu State House of Assembly who is a Member of Assemblies Of God Church New Haven are helping and abating Lawlessness by aiding Rev Paul Emeka to frequently led thugs in protests to the Enugu State Government House.

Your Excellency sir, I am aware that you are also a beneficiary of the erudite judgement of the Supreme Court whereby your election was upheld after the 2015 Governorship Election in Enugu State.

Rev Paul Emeka is claiming that you are from Nsukka and as a Brother will help him in committing Illegality which am very Convinced that your Excellency will not support Illegality to thrive in The Coal City State.

I know that your Excellency would not descend to the level of people like Rev Emeka to deliberately disregard a standing judgement of the Supreme Court.

The Registered Trustees of the Assemblies Of God Nigeria has vowed to Recover all the Properties belonging to the Church including the Residence of the General Superintendent located at no 8 Link Road Independence Layout Enugu.

I wish to also let you know your Excellency, that Rev Paul Emeka is no longer a Trustee of Assemblies Of God Nigeria following his removal by the Corporate Affairs Commission in Recognition of the Resounding Judgment of the Supreme Court.

As you are duly aware as a child of God, the Church is marching on and the gates of hell shall not prevail.

I pray that you uphold the law and dissociate yourself from Rev Paul Emeka who is trying to mislead you and to pitch you against the Assemblies of God Nigeria in Enugu State.

The church is of God and no man can fight God successfully.

I am Evangelist Promise Uzoma Okoro,a Concerned Member of Assemblies Of God Nigeria.


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