Desperation And Many ABSURDITIES OF BENJAMIN Kalu- Why Bende People Dont Want Him



Now Benjamin Kalu is confused, worried about the prospect of losing the election this time, as he has lost in many previous contests, not once, not twice but thrice.

Why this expected loss is a concern is that he has gone into a more desperate mood this time. Such dangerous mood that seems to justify his aggressive use of unfair and unkind means, one that seems to suggest that anything is fair, or that the end justifies the means, all in a bid a to assassinate character of opponent and largely attract undue sympathy for himself. But, who really gets sympathy by demeaning and abusing the sensibility of the people he pretends that he wants to serve by seeking public office?

The man Benjamin Kalu is the worst kind of politician to walk the soil of Bende or Abia state. He has no principles or morality in him, neither is he prepared to turn a new leaf.

Having contested and lost three times at the primaries while still in PDP and defeated squarely on each count and roundly by the incumbent house member, Elendu Ukeje, this man, as he always wants to assume he is a man, called Benjamin Kalu feels that this time he will succeed, because according to him, he is sure that zoning will work for him. He also feels that because his godfather, Orji Uzor Kalu has anointed and endorsed him after he has served him as godson and godfather for 16 years. But, he is suffering from self-imposed delusion and possibly from self-imposed depression also.

Benjamin Kalu feels he would succeed this time because he wants to play the zoning card, by which he intends to divided Bende people who hitherto have never bothered about the dichotomy or a difference of any sort between them.

Bende has always remained one and will remain one regardless of the antics of Benjamin Kalu. How can a man claim that he is qualified for a position but instead go on his kneel to plead for sharing formula? Is it not a shame?


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