It’s never too late to reverse your anti-people policies – Pastor Giwa to Buhari

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Adewale Giwa, senior pastor of Awaiting The Second Coming Of Christ Ministry, has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to think twice and amend his mistakes on the anti-people policies introduced by his government since 2015 to date.

Giwa, who stated this in Akure, Ondo State capital, while addressing his members, urged President Buhari to amend his ways.

Specifically, the fiery pastor questioned why President Buhari deliberately plunged the country into disorderliness since 2015 to date.

“Let me also say this very clearly, before president Buhari runs out of time, he needs to amend his mistakes and think of his age.

“Ordinarily, when you get to the final stage of human development. I mean from age 65 until death, you ought to have changed for the better and do your best to lay a good foundation for others.

“But, as it is in Nigeria, our political leaders don’t think about legacies they are leaving behind. They want to finish Nigeria before they go, forgetting that we all have limited time.

“President Buhari, by now, is 80 years of age. What else does he want? Why can’t he change for the better to make the people laugh?

“Scarcity of fuel has hit Nigeria; banditry, terrorism and poverty have taken over the country. If you cannot lead us to our destinations, please, take us back to where you met us.

“Many of you were in this church at a programme around 2015 where I warned Nigerians from voting for the All Progressives Congress.

“I told you they were only desperate for power and nothing else. Did they not get the power? What did they use the power for? They used it against the masses who voted for them.

“Please, shine your eyes and wake up. These people don’t mean well for Nigerians, but God will rescue His people from the hands of oppressors in no time,” Giwa said.

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